The Eight Commandments of Business Success

The pillars of business success ! What are the commandments of business that are most influential for you? Here are eight business commandm...

The pillars of business success! What are the commandments of business that are most influential for you? Here are eight business commandments you need to know to achieve success in your business. Don’t assume your assets are money.

The 8 critical factors for business success, based on a study of 7 years and more than 500 interviews with people who have achieved this much-desired Business success.

 The Eight Commandments of Business Success
Not that I feel like one more in the sect of the most successful people in the world, but I have felt very identified with the 8 key elements that friend Richard identified in his presentation.

  • Why do people triumph in business?

The pillars of business success


Do not do it for money. Do it out of passion, have fun and money will come.

Hard work

It does not come quickly. He works hard, works every day. Work makes a difference
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Once you wear it, try to be one of the best in your niche. It has to do with being curious, reading a lot and practicing, practicing and practicing. The great readers never end up big businessmen, they lack the practice.


One thing at a time. The idiot who invented the concept of multitasking screwed up. It works with processors (when the PC does not hang), but with humans, the rule of 1 single thing at a time is by far the one that shows better results.

Overcoming your limits

Shyness, doubts. You have to overcome the barriers that you will oppose to your own success. Get out of your comfort zone, and try not to go back to it ever. This is how great things are accomplished

Value added

If you do a useful and excellent thing, or what comes to be the same if you deliver a lot of added value, you will achieve your goal. People pay for added value.


Listen to the market, focus on a group, understand their needs and ... solve them. Those are ideas that work.


You will have to overcome many failures along the way and face and defeat the CRAPs
  • C Reviews
  • R of Rejection
  • A of Gilipollas (Asshole in English)
  • P Pressure

As you see, nothing smart, be rich, have a network of mafia contacts with many politicians or get lucky.

If you look closely, you can exchange business with a blog. Succeeding in a blog is to succeed in a business project.

Get to work on your project as soon as possible and realize that it is part of you. There is no end date, no rest time. As in life itself.

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