How to Build a Successful Digital Business Online

Probably you have heard about digital transformation strategy, but did you tried to start a profitable online business?  Build an online bus...

Probably you have heard about digital transformation strategy, but did you tried to start a profitable online business? Build an online business and turn your passion into profit.
The first step in starting a business is to make a decision. We tell you what you have to do next.

The first step in addressing a change or starting a new process is to make a decision. Now that you are clear that the digital transformation of your SME is inescapable and the decision is made, you need to go a step further: to identify all the elements that will be affected and make a strategy for action.

How to Build a Successful Digital Business Online
Each scanning process will be different depending on the type of business, but the parts and their new organizational model will be very similar. And it is that scanning is not to introduce a new social network or tool or make massive use of technology, but is part of business strategy. It is a question of rethinking the operation of the company and processes, of innovating and achieving better results. Do we accompany you on this trip?

Essential parts of a digital business

The customer of the 21st century is digital, and you must adapt to that reality. Much of your time is spent on the internet, so you should put the focus and your efforts in that environment. To begin with, the digitalization of your SME takes care of the maximum the following elements:

1. Digital Marketing.

It is vital to position your company well, be visible for the customer to choose you, both organic (SEO) and paid (SEM). In the first case elaborate quality content, make the descriptions of your website clearly and concisely explain the description of the company, choose a title for the page and attractive keywords.

In the beginning, it will be important to give a little boost to this organic positioning through SEM campaigns or search engine advertising. You will get traffic to your website increase. You can also include campaigns in social networks.
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2. E-commerce. 

In this field, it remains to be done, as only 30.2% of companies in our country sell their products and services through the Internet, and 46% have no website, according to the analysis of the digitization of independent and SMEs, Europe 2016 (Vodafone).

Remember that when a customer comes to your website, you must offer relevant elements and for this, there are tools to monitor their movements that will allow you to know what exactly interests you, so that is only what you show. This would lead us to the next point ...
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3. The customer experience. 

The digital consumer must follow a quick, simple and therefore satisfactory purchase process. You have a web responsive, adapted to different mobile devices or quality app? Since 70% of user traffic surfing the internet comes from a mobile device, you must keep in mind that if your surfing experience is negative, you can lose it. A user takes about 5 seconds to decide whether or not to stay on a page, so analyze your website, elements such as loading speed and conversion ratio for sale.

Once the purchase is decided, payment and delivery should also be a pleasant experience. There are quality e-commerce tools that address the entire buying and payment process. To this, you must join an excellent logistics of distribution of the product.
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4. May the cloud be with you. 

This is one of the primary resources for the digital transformation of a company. It will provide you with elements and services, such as servers, applications, storage or networks, in an economical, efficient and 24x7 availability. To expand information about the cloud, its advantages and how it can accompany you in your digitization process.
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5. Social network management 

The management and boosting of social networks will be another necessary step of digitizing your company. In them, you can generate quality content that will attract the potential customer towards your product. You will also get to know first-hand the opinions of consumers and their needs, creating a closer relationship that can be very beneficial.

If you have not yet started your digital business, you should not waste a minute. With the digitization processes will be streamlined, more efficient and you will get short-term benefits. What are you waiting for? Want to start a business first time? Here are six easy steps to follow to start-up your venture

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