How to Start Your Own Business From Scratch In 6 Steps

By | 03.01.2017

Starting a business from scratch and making sure you will become successful entrepreneur, you must have a perfect planning for your venture. Know how long does it take to make a business successful?
Start a business with what you are passionate about and keep these points in mind before launching your startup to achieve success.

Every great business starts with trust and passion. Even big businessmen like Oprah, Bill Gates and Warren Buffett started from scratch. After I left my technology teaching career, I become an online entrepreneur. I focus on writing and blogging as I thought that I’m passionate about writing fiction and business magazine. I loved my work after a few month of getting success in new career. I have earned enough for the rest of my life, but I wants to take a mark on the earth to live a long life over the time even after my death. I want’s to give something to the new generation to make their life more flexible, I wanted to start a business, just was confused where to begin. 
Here are five steps to write a perfect business plan.
How to Start Your Own Business From Scratch In 6 Steps
Thanks to luck and persistence, that I found a great mentor (you can read this, how to find investor for your idea). I worked with him for almost a year with a salary of about $ 600 a month. I dedicated myself to learning from him and did what I could to earn some money aside.

Step by step, I became aware of where I should go. I loved talking to people and adding value to their lives, especially giving them what they needed to solve their problems. It was not as if I had everything planned, I just combined my strengths, vision, and passion for creating the ideal business that made me move forward. 
I assure you that you will be happier when you follow your passion. I love what Steve Jobs says about this:

“Your job is going to fill a lot of your life and the only way to really feel satisfied is to believe that what you do is a great job.The only way to do a good job is to love what you do.If you still do not find it, Keep on looking.Not settle for it.As with the affairs of the heart, you will know when you have found it. “

Once you discover it, take these tips into account to start your entrepreneurial adventure:

  • Research your market. 

The first step to start a business should be researching on your idea. Knowing the same as the competition is useless. Dig deep Immerse yourself in your market and study it as an expert. Search Google for keywords that are related to your industry and do not be discouraged if the market seems full. You can use this as an advantage. It means it’s working for those people and you can make it work for you, there’s money there.
Before start a business, know if the idea is perfect
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  • Set a financially tangible goal. 

I set new goals every six months and always went further than I intended. Work backward and discover what you need to do every day to reach your goal.
Before start a business make sure you are having enough money and will never be out of financial shortage. 

  • When you create a website make the content can be shared. 

It’s great to give leaders your page as a reference, but when you’re developing your own brand, it’s important to create unique content on a site that your readers and users can visit.

  • Create a list. 

Email is a great way to make your business known, so you should make a list of contacts. While building a shareable site, make a list of emails that visit the site. Give these people some value so they can then become buyers when you launch your product or service. Add a part of the page to subscribe and have a complete list of emails.
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  • Launch a product or service that you can sell. 

If you have a financial goal that you must meet in the next six months, then you have to sell something. Take your time to know what challenges your audience faces. Then create something that solves that problem. I know this is easier said than done, but it is very important.

  • Start NOW and improve as you go. 

Many people waste time thinking about doing the perfect things before launching their business. The logo, the website, among other things. Sell your product before you do it so people can place your order. Focus on getting sales and attracting potential customers. Successful companies do this all the time and are not perfect on the first try.

Think of Facebook and all the changes and improvements it has had. Start with a small product and improve it constantly. Throw it online and sell it over and over without wasting your time.

The most important thing is to enjoy the process and know that you don’t have to make everything perfect. 
Don’t be late to start your business. this is the right time to get started.
It starts today, if not when?

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