10 Reasons You’re Not As Successful As You Should Be

By | 14.01.2017

Why I am not getting success in my life & career? I feel like a failure in life! But why am I not successful in my career? I have analyzed so many factors on when I will get success in my life. I want to be successful in my life, I have learned many major things from successful people.

Success is not something that is achieved overnight. And although it is our habits that define whether we will or will not be; are our attitudes and thoughts which lead first to behave in a certain way.

This means that if you want to be successful, before looking at your habits, you must analyze your attitudes and thoughts because it is in your mind where much of the reality that you live happens.

10 Reasons You're Not As Successful As You Should Be

Next, you have 10 beliefs that prevent you from being successful, once you work on them, you will have the mentality necessary to achieve great things in your life.
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Before you look at your habits, analyze your thoughts. Here 10 attitudes that keep you from moving forward.

1. Require everything to be perfect

The first attitude that you must give up is the search for perfection. Things are never going to be perfect, you are always going to make mistakes and stay waiting for the stars to encourage you is the worst strategy for success.

If you want to achieve great things you will have to go wrong, learn the lesson and try again.

2. Wait for things to come to you

A detrimental attitude that keeps you from achieving success is to think that you deserve things. If you wait for the achievements to come to you, without moving a single finger, you will be waiting a long time.

They say that success comes to people who are too busy to look for it, so stop waiting and start doing.
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3. Conform to little

If you adjust to low, you will have little. If you have an attitude where you do not want to improve, do new things or pursue greatness, you will stay in your comfortable comfort zone.

Successful people are not satisfied with the “normal,” they do not want to lead a normal life, they want a life of greatness.

4. Wanting to please others

If you are not faithful to your principles and every day you squeeze your personality to please others and fulfill your expectations, you will end up becoming everything that others expect of you, but not what you want to be. Success requires you to be faithful to your way of looking at life.
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5. Remembering the past and yearning for the future

If you live thinking about everything you had or everything you want to have and don’t take advantage of the time you have to act and make it happen, you will live in a world of fantasies and memories.

It is well to remember and learn from your past, also to dream and aspire to great things in the future, but this can not interfere in your present.

6. Do not dream big enough

If you want to be successful, you can not have a conformist attitude with your dreams. Anyone can doubt their reality and size, but you do not. Dream big, visualize yourself succeeding and ask yourself what is the simplest thing you can do today to achieve it. 

7. Wanting to do it all alone

If you want to get there fast, do it alone. If you want to get away, surround yourself with the best. No matter how smart you are, two minds that complement each other will always think better.

Having an attitude of wanting to do it only demonstrates your degree of perfectionism, something for nothing good in your quest for success.

8. Criticizing and talking about others

If you spend talking about others and criticizing what they do or stop doing shows that you are not busy enough in your projects. Use your time to build something big, not to criticize others, and if you have enough time, help them to grow, not sink them with your criticism.

9. Not facing change

Change is the only sure thing in life. You have to adapt to this reality, to have an attitude of wanting to try to do different things. Do not settle for the status quo. Change always brings new opportunities for success. Take them.
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10. Wanting many things and not doing them

Finally, if you are someone who has an unstoppable attitude of success, which aspires to many things, you have big goals, but does nothing about it, let me tell you you’re kind of far from achieving them.

No successful person achieved their goals simply by loving them very much. So run today. There is no greater attitude of success than making things happen.

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