Maximize Your Website Traffic Using Flipboard Magazine

Getting traffic from social media is challenging for new bloggers. Flipboard is one of top traffic driven social network that can help new...

Getting traffic from social media is challenging for new bloggers. Flipboard is one of top traffic driven social network that can help newbies to get their content promoted without spending money. Flipboard magazine lets you customize your favorite web content in one place to read later or share with the world. If you want to drive traffic to you blog post then Flipboard magazine should be the best social media marketing strategy for you. This excellent digital magazine has more than 90 million monthly active users as on September 2016. You can use it and on the various platform as you would like.

What is Flipboard magazine

Flipboard is a personal journal. It's the most popular way to personalize your blog post, promote your article, manage it as like a magazine. It's a better alternative to Google Reader and RSS. Personally, I prefer to use Flipboard to drive traffic to my blog post.
Flipboard is a viral social network, free to use, anyone (registered user only) can add content to Flipboard take advantage of its free promotion. 

Flipboard, the best Google Reader alternatives

Google Reader was a popular free service to read RSS feeds. As you know, Google Reader is no longer in its service and Feedly has long been considered one of the best RSS readers. Now I'll introduce you with the best Traffic driven RSS feed reader, probably the best alternatives to any other similar app available now. Yes, I'm going to announce the name of "Flipboard magazine."

Maximize Your Website Traffic Using Flipboard Magazine
It is important to note that, Flipboard is available on Windows 10, 8, Vista, Mac and all other web platforms.  But Flipboard is best for the mobile device. However, Flipboard has a lot to offer, and now we will see what Flipboard settings helps, secret tricks you can use to get the most out of it. 

What we will learn in this post?

  • How to get followers on Flipboard
  • How to publish on Flipboard
  • How to add content to Flipboard
  • How to use Flipboard for Android
  • Flipboard plugin
  • "Flipboard traffic."

How to get followers on Flipboard

You can easily get followers on Flipboard. Only add valuable and informative content to your magazine, and you will get followers organically. One other trick to boost it follows another user so they could find you faster. 

Follow other users on Flipboard 

With Flipboard, we will also be able to interact with others who are on the platform. If we meet someone that we find interesting, directly from its publication we can select to follow them, visualize their profile and other things they have shared. We do not think too much about the community that can be created on Flipboard because we often see it as a content aggregator and nothing else. But there are many users and engaging content they share.

How to add content to Flipboard

One of the mistakes that can be made when you first started using Flipboard is to believe that you can't add new sources or materials. Through the Content Guide, we can add more. 
Just press the red ribbon in the upper right corner to open the Guide. There you can explore the categories that are suggested by Flipboard, but also click on the "Subscribe" button to add content curated by yourselves as a section within Flipboard.

Choose display

While it is true that the location of default sections of Flipboard can be useful for many, it is also a reality that some of us want to have a personalized experience. Flipboard allows us to edit several issues related to this, for example, the sections we want to move or remove. To eliminate a part, you only have to press and hold for a few seconds the finger on the title of the section. Once you enter edit mode, press X to delete it.

Within the editing mode, we can also drag and drop the tile sections to different locations on the screen to rearrange our Flipboard and, in this way, to highlight the things we most want or that are more useful to us. To move a section title to another page, slide it to one side, and within a few seconds, we will have the option to place it there. From the Contents Guide, which is accessed by pressing the red ribbon, we access "Your Flipboard" to be able to make these edits in a slightly more difficult way.
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How to silence authors on Flipboard

While curating Flipboard is one of its strengths, it is possible that we find repeated sources, such as blogs and we follow through RSS. One of the possibilities we have to avoid this repeated information is the silencing of authors, which is also a very simple procedure. All we have to do is select an article from the source, go down and press on the name or photo of the author. Then, select "Mute author" or "Block author," and the posts will be removed from your Flipboard.

How to use the search bar on Flipboard

Another kind of interesting of the Flipboard tricks is one obvious, but not all use correctly. We are talking about make the most of the search bar since it allows us to add content from sources that do not come pre - loaded on Flipboard, and maybe we still do not know. The search bar, in addition to sources, also allows us to search for people and social profiles, one of its highlights.

Explore your Flipboard RSS feeds

With the release of Google Reader, many alternatives are emerging as the definitive replacements. However, Flipboard is often forgotten because it is thought that we can not alter the sources from which the content is obtained. As we saw some lines ago, this is entirely possible, through the search bar. We can use the URL of the particular publication that we want to add to Flipboard, or the name of it, to be able to add a new section where we can have everything organized.

Create magazines on Flipboard

Another major feature of Flipboard and one of the tricks Flipboard really worth trying is the creation of publications. A magazine is a section that we create within Flipboard to follow a topic or subject that interests you. This section can be easily added as well as you can edit and update its content and its sources. Flipboard magazines can be both public and private, which means we will only be able to see it from your Flipboard. The public ones, on the other hand, can be read by other users - also it is interesting to put you to follow magazines.

Creating a magazine on Flipboard is quite simple. When we find an article, photo or content that is related to the magazine that we are creating, we press the + button to add to the magazine. If it is the first time we do, then we will find the option to create one. By selecting "Create Magazine" or "Create Magazine," we will be able to start a new one. We put a name, a description, and a category, and once done we can start adding content.
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Read your feeds later

Finally, one of the Flipboard tricks I like most is related to the possibility of reading the articles I like the most, at a time when I have the time or a more stable connection. I will be working with accounts Instapaper and Pocket, formerly called read it later, to access the items that I have to read them later, and, for example, enter Pocket from a PC to avoid having to do so from the mobile screen.

Synchronize your social networks

The first step you have to do when you download Flipboard is to create an account. Once you do this, you will be free to synchronize your social networks to fundamentally share content, but also to see the updates of your contacts in a different way. Flipboard offers you a magazine of your social networks, but also, the possibility to interact and to publish your updates.

To be able to connect a social account, you have to press the icon of the red ribbon at the top of the screen. Then go to "Accounts" or "Accounts", select a social network, and present your access credentials. Once you do that, your social feed from that system will be added as one more news channel within Flipboard. There are several social tools that you can access from Flipboard, rather than with Feedly.
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When you read an article, you just have to press the social bar at the end of an article to comment, share, "like", bookmark, and more. From the Contents Guide on Flipboard you can also access a list with your accounts. Thus, you can browse your photos, mentions, the lists that you follow, pages and groups in which you participate, and much more.

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