How to Save Money by Appreciating What You Have

Creative ways to show employee appreciation to save money to avoid the unexpected financial problem.  With growing debts and job insecurity...

Creative ways to show employee appreciation to save money to avoid the unexpected financial problem. With growing debts and job insecurity, many people in our consumer society feel compelled to continue to spend a lot of money every day, generating higher deficits and severe financial problems if they are laid off. Why is this happening? 

We often spend money because we are unhappy. We look for something but we do not know what we are looking for, and when finding something we like & buy it, mistakenly thinking that we have found what we were looking for.

How to Save Money by Appreciating What You Have
However, the pleasure of owning a new article is something ephemeral, and before we realize it, we feel discontented again, and we look for something more. How can we break this vicious circle? The answer should focus on what we already have in our lives and appreciate those things, doing our best with this stuff that we already have.
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Nobody has a perfect life. No person on this planet has every aspect of his life perfect, and so it is very easy to focus on what is least important. Why not change this and focus on what is already right?

We have many aspects of our life that make us euphoric, like an excellent family or a lovely house with a beautiful location, a loyal pet, a job or business or enjoy hobbies and activities.
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Write ten areas that you are happy with. When you feel bored or dissatisfied, look at the list and thank for one or more of those aspects of your life.

The next step is to think about the different ways in which you can make those aspects of your life better. Try to think about things that cost little or cost nothing or much better on things that generate money.

For example, if you are happy with your home, you may want to improve it by organizing everything in your home. If you happen to find many things you have bought and never used, why not host a garage sale or sell everything on eBay? Instead of wasting time shopping, you will use your time wisely and earn money instead of being spending it unnecessarily.
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Another way you can appreciate what you have without spending a lot of money is to develop your skills to improve certain aspects of your life. For example, if you do not have a lot of money to spend on new items for your home, why not try making something instead of accumulating expenses on your credit card?
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Even if you have very basic creative skills, you can consider the Internet to receive tutorials for free through videos, sites like YouTube, that will allow you to improve your skills and give you something useful. Such creative searches give you much more satisfaction than buying.
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So, whenever you feel discontent without meaning, avoid shopping. Focus on the good things in your life and think of ways you could improve them without spending money. During this process, you will probably have to develop new skills. This will bring you greater satisfaction and pleasure than the purchases you ever made, and will not pay you credit card debts.

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