Guide on How To Make Money With Payoneer

Whether you are making money online as a blogger, freelancer or affiliate marketer; getting paid from companies is one of the hard tasks. ...

Whether you are making money online as a blogger, freelancer or affiliate marketer; getting paid from companies is one of the hard tasks.  

With Payoneer, you can receive payments online and make payments quickly with your Payoneer account. It also allows anyone to have the possibility to access their money in a virtual bank account from anywhere in the world. Why I prefer Payoneer for managing my eWallet? It can be used in more than 150 currencies, and I can get paid in the form of USD, Pound, Euro, JPY.
By opening a free Payoneer account, you will have a Bank of America Checking account (most of the time everyone gets this, but they also work with Federal Bank of America).

Guide on How To Make Money With Payoneer Mastercard

  Payoneer is a file manager similar payments to PayPal, Neteller, etc. Payoneer has a program of referrals interesting. In fact, I didn't know it, and that's what made me write this article.
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How to earn money as a Payoneer Affiliate

As I said, Payoneer has an excellent program member and is quite simple to understand.

What does it consist of? How can you make money?
It's that simple to earn with Payoneer Affiliate program.

As you know, Payoneer gives customers the ability to have a MasterCard with which they can start making and receiving payments. You, as an affiliate, can earn money by promoting this card. For each person who accesses your affiliate link, request the card and charge $ 100 for it, Payoneer will send you to notice that your commission will be charged, which is $ 25 dollars for each referral.

This affiliate program works for all countries, not just the US.

How can you get referrals quickly?

It is best to start with friends and family. You can tell them about the advantages of having a Payoneer card.

These are much easier to convince because they are close people and trust you. You can even say that they can also earn money by recommending this card. That will give them an additional incentive to request the card through your link. You can start your mother, friends, brothers, co-workers, colleagues, etc.
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What other ways are there to get referrals?

Other ways to get referrals is by the internet. How?
  • Creating banners on your blog or website 
  • Promoting your affiliate link in your social networks 
  • Create a blog dedicated to Payoneer where you offer tips and tutorials and also promote your link  
  • Creating video tutorials and placing your link in the description  
  • creating a group of Facebook dedicated to Payoneer and invite people to participate as a featured message and put your link  
  • building a community on Google Plus (similar to Facebook groups)  
  • And think yourself how you can promote Payoneer, Etc.

Links that can help you

Here I leave some links where you can find more information about this affiliate program:


Signup with my affiliated link to get bonus $25, if you ignore this, you won't get any bonus. Thank you for supporting. 
I hope this little tutorial has served and you can start to make a few dollars with Payoneer. Good luck and we'll see you in the next article.

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