Change Year, Change Your Life

Why is life passing by so damn fast? We are stepping into a new year with many resolutions . It's time to start ahead again, when the da...

Why is life passing by so damn fast? We are stepping into a new year with many resolutions. It's time to start ahead again, when the days changing you can completely change your life for the better. What do you need? Nothing! Yes you got me, you don't need anything to change your life except a strong will-power.

The years pass, every December 31st we face a ritual to mark the year change. We do it with joy, usually in the company, eating and drinking... We meet with our friends or family. "You'll see how the coming year will be better ..." or similar phrases. We seek with the customary rituals that something changes. Magically we hope for wanting it, and because we change the year, things are going to get better. We already know that magic does not exist even if our inner Child has difficulty renouncing it.

Happy-New-year-2017: Change Year, Change Your Life
Since you do it, even if you had not seen it that way until now, I propose that you do a cleaning ritual of everything you really do not want in your life. But do it seriously. That you become aware of what you want to change and follow a few steps that end in a decision (s) of change. Deep and serious decisions. The key is to make change decisions and not stay in mere purposes that come standard with the expiration date.

I propose that you save some time, perhaps an hour or more, without interference. Disconnected from the mobile, occupations, anything that could distract your deep attention. The best thing is that it is an open time, maybe in the evening-night without later dates. That you can devote everything you need. Think of a comfortable, collected place, where you can open up to intimacy with you, in solitude. It's worth the time dedicated to you. Look at it as an investment.

How to completely change your life in one year

Once the time comes, check the space and include some detail that allows you to increase your positive feelings, greater security, warmth, comfort. If you feel like lighting a candle, choose a background music that relaxes ... It is about finding a climate of inner peace. There should be no internal judgments or criticism here. Cast the inner critic out of this space and be tolerant of yourself. The idea is to learn and build a better future, not crush the mistakes of the past. Look for paper and something to write with. Put love in the details. Make that time of reflection a special moment.

It is very important that all this process you do writing, not mentally. When we write something, we are taking it from us to incorporate it after an adult reading. That it is our adult part that faces and makes the decisions of change, will be fundamental for these to be carried out. We all know that the purposes of the end of the year, stay in that, in purposes. The reason is that they are proposed by the Child and not by a committed Adult.

When the time is chosen, focus on yourself. Review how it has been this year 2016. I propose that you carry out this review from several points of view. The first approximation must be general. Looking back, how do you consider the year to end? Write it down. We follow from the global vision, without deepening much, ask yourself the following question: what would have liked to change this year that happened? Write on the paper the things that come up in response. What would you leave behind this year? Record the answers on the paper in a sentence that can be read independently of the question.

We already have a general idea of ​​what has been the year that ends and where is what you would like to change. Now let's dig a little deeper inside. Do you feel that your Self is prepared? Ask yourself if during this year there has been consistency between your ideas and values ​​and what you have actually lived. What incoherent points do you discover about your performances of the year? Only the most significant. They will give us clues as to where our steps should be headed. Was there enough honesty in my life this year?

How were effective relationships during this year? Think of the 2, 3 or 4 most important living people in your life. Did you give them the necessary time and energy? Do you feel good about the answer to this last question? Write down the answers on the paper. And now I ask you to imagine that this year that will soon begin is the last one that you will live. Take a moment to reflect on this seriously. Accepting this assumption as something real What exchange rate responses have you already noted? Write the new answers on paper.

You already have enough information about yourself and your life this year that is about to end, now comes the moment to reflect on what you want to change your life, how you want to live from now on, what you want to leave behind. Help yourself with your notes to make this review of your life and approach the outline of possible change decisions. Visualize how you want your life to be and discover the adult decisions that will lead you to be what you want and do what you decide, from now on.

Change decisions are adult commitments (feasible, realistic and well-oriented to achieve desired goals) that involve prior awareness, concrete description of what I am going to do to achieve, a time reference (when it begins and sometimes how long The commitment will last) and some form of adult control to ensure compliance. You can include a prize for the Child, once demonstrated the desired transformation.

You can make your decision in a written and signed contract, which allows you to reread in possible moments of doubt. This will reaffirm you in the low moments. Once signed the contract you can choose to save it for yourself or share it, depending on what you believe will help you more to fulfill it.

You already know how you can cleanse your life to start the year 2017 by improving. Always for you and for you. That way you will make your life more similar to what you want for it. Remember that we are the product of our decisions much more than the consequence of the circumstances that surround us.

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