5 Steps To Organize A Productive Week Easily

A productive week starts on Monday morning , make sure  you have a productive week.  The secret of successful days is to prioritize tasks an...

A productive week starts on Monday morning, make sure you have a productive week. The secret of successful days is to prioritize tasks and make sure you do not waste your time on unimportant things.

A productive week much depends on your approach and the time you spend on the job. Working more does not mean you're productive. There will always be a better way to complete that task. Find her, work smart and do more things during the week.

5 Steps To Organize A Productive Week Easily
Here are some recommendations that can help you have a productive week:

1. Stop planning and acts

Okay to make time to plan what needs to be done in the week or month, but when you return to the planning table, you can lose productive hours. Instead of planning, do it. The option of working on a task in the future instead of now seems comfortable but not wise. Even if you tell yourself that you should not do it now, this work will not go elsewhere. Instead of procrastinating, do it and put it on your to-do list.

On the other hand, are your work boards worth it? Many people spend too much time in meetings when they should be working. To make sure you're making the most of your day, create a time budget. This will help you to realize how many hours you are missing out on the meetings or planning when you should be doing real things. You'll be amazed at what you can do each week if you start measuring all the time you spend on these activities.
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2. No need to say "yes" to every request

"The difference between successful people and very successful people is that the latter say" no "to almost everything, " Warren Buffet

Saying "yes" to a request seems simpler than a "no." Even so, every time you accept something that will not give you results it will be difficult to have a schedule that you can control. You can achieve more if you know what you have to do when you have to do it and what you hope to achieve.

3. Do not expect to be a perfectionist

If you keep pursuing perfection, you can take longer to complete tasks and surely will be less productive than planned. The reason is that when you look for perfection, you spend more time on one task than necessary, causing the others to fall behind. This will cause you to lose time and possibly bother your boss in the process. Perfectionism is even greater when you do not have to be accountable to anyone but yourself.
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4. Take all of your head

Do not trust your memory. It will fail you when you need it most. Better write everything. There are hundreds of options for taking notes, from regular post-its or applications like Evernote, Any.do, Wunderlist and Todoist. If you write down everything you have to do in your week, you will know what needs to be done, and you will have your priorities in order.

5. Review your accomplishments and measures

Before closing the week, prepare for the next, review your accomplishments along with everything else that needs to be done to see if they actually anticipated it work. Return to your pending list, remove them and find out what you could not do and why. Celebrate your wins, notes everything populist and learn from your mistakes. You'll be better prepared for the next week.

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