3 Reasons For Freelance Programmers are leaving Corporation

Why are more programmers not freelance these days? Whether you're a freelance writer, computer programmer, graphic designer, advised to...

Why are more programmers not freelance these days? Whether you're a freelance writer, computer programmer, graphic designer, advised to not leaving your day job before you have settled freelancing career.

According to research firm Berland of Edelman, in 2015 it was 53 million freelancers in just one America. This is more than a third of the total number of the American workforce. However, the desire to telework is not unique to America. In the UK, 1.88 million freelancers, and this number continues to grow. European freelancers unite the party, which already includes 8.9 million people, and soon there will be even greater.

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A significant role in increasing the number of worldwide freelancers play technology. During the period of globalized market growth freelancers are no longer tied to their place of residence. Their office - literally the whole world.

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One of the professions benefiting from such a broad geographical coverage, - programmers. Without a doubt, the members of this profession are now in high demand. The developers need of all shapes and sizes - from giants such software industry, like Google and Facebook, to small mobile application development firms.

So why developers prefer to work remotely without the traditional position in a large company or a newly created? What makes the programmer refuse to work in such companies as Google, and all the associated benefits, and to pursue a career freelancer?

It turns out that the programmers are many reasons to go freelance. Here are just a few of them:

Firstly, it is beneficial

In a recent agency, Bloomberg article describes the history of James Knight, the 27-year-old programmer, who resigned from the Manhattan branch of Google, to become a freelancer. The report notes that the Knight of his own accord renounced excellent benefits offered by Google employees, because "as an independent expert, he earns twice as much as getting into Google».

Yes, you read right. Although not everyone is able to achieve such brilliant success as a Knight, the demand for qualified technicians are now so high that large companies and start-ups are willing to pay up to $ 1,000 per hour talented programmers qualified.

Why are companies willing to pay so much? Bloomberg writes further: "While companies still take a lot of staff in the best minds, they are turning to independent software developers to run the suspended projects or gain a competitive advantage. In some cases, it will be successful or whether the product will fail depends on choosing the right specialist. "

Secondly, the freedom counts

Yet the possibility of obtaining greater material gain - is not the only incentive for freelance programmers. Another quite enticing bonus is freedom. 
Here is what the Anibal Amberton freedom, freelance programmer and founder  SynergicSource: «I like to move from place to place to travel. I love to play sports and enjoy every day of your life. Option "only on weekends" is no longer acceptable to me. The work I spend 50-60 hours a week ... I just choose how, when and where to do it, and it improved the quality of my life by 1000 percent. "

Third, the occupation favorite thing

Another significant factor causing many to leave programmers in freelance - is the ability to choose the projects to which they belong to the soul. The article  "Career freelancer"  says: "All freelancers and independent experts are unanimous that the work brings them inner satisfaction. According to a study Field Nation, working platform for independent contractors, 90 percent of respondents "far-reaching about the work is done for our customers." They are also three times more passionate work than 30 percent of traditional workers. Perhaps it is because they choose when and with whom to work. Besides, freelancers feel more motivated when they want projects. "

This view is confirmed by the Amberton: "I worked for large consulting agencies, led projects for large customers in various fields: in the design, architecture, engineering solutions, management, and optimization of processes. No matter how exciting or was this work, I have always been oppressed by the bureaucracy, which reduces to naught all the work efficiency. I prefer to work with new companies in high-performance teams, one hundred percent focused on value creation. Be fast and flexible, to create great products, rather than writing reports, go to endless meetings and other delights of corporate activity. "

People are attracted by the opportunity to simply enjoy the work performed, not being distracted by extraneous things that are necessary corporate life application. As another bonus, Knight brings increased motivation. He says: "Of course, when you work by yourself, there is a certain tension, which was not at work at Google, but I like it. I lose motivation if I know that my salary will be paid in any case."
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And whether there are disadvantages?

Knight expressed an interesting opinion. The fact that it stimulates the work, another programmer can be viewed as a stressful situation. Income freelancer is entirely dependent on his productivity and skill.

Asked whether any freelance programmer suitable Amberton replies: "Of course not. If you are not the best performance, then I would not even try. Once on the "other side," you will be required to create a quality product. In this world, there is no room for excuses, inflated estimates, and masking. If you are not working correctly, customers will not have you. "

Moreover, in addition to programming skills, freelancers must have additional skills. Amberton adds: "Maybe sometimes you will miss the social life of the" big office ." And still need willpower. If you can not keep order, to establish for themselves the border, working hours (though not usual, you still needed) and to set clear goals, you will fail. And finally, last but not least, you are able to advertise their services? Do you have a system, if you have the determination and the will to look, cool customer, pick up his team and projects to work? ".

It is also necessary to think about the financial side of the switch to freelance. How to resolve issues of taxes, how to make the payment and transfer money to someone you have invited to participate in the project, and how to choose a competent strategy of pension savings - all these are serious issues for freelance programmers.

If to address critical financial issues Amberton recommends that you contact a good accountant to process the payments he has found the perfect solution. He said: "I have an excellent experience with  Payoneer. They provide excellent support to me, and I can send money to other specialists, with whom we have joined together to work on projects. "


Freelancing gives significant benefits to people with relevant skills and mindset. Highly skilled freelancers often earn more than their counterparts working in the company. They can optionally choose their projects and work schedule. 

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