12 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful

Here are  ways to be successful in life.  Consider these changes to get you on the winning road this new year.  A new calendar year offers a...

Here are ways to be successful in life. Consider these changes to get you on the winning road this new year. A new calendar year offers an opportunity for a fresh start and provides an additional pinch of motivation to disappear some habits that have stopped you. There are twelve things to leave behind to encourage a stronger, happier and more satisfied you in 2017.

"On your last day on earth, the person you became will meet the person you could have become.” — Anonymous

1. Precast in your goals

Have you been thinking about traveling, changing jobs, becoming healthier, starting a business venture? Big dreams, but have you taken any action to realize them? Putting things in motion is the only way to reach them. Otherwise, ask yourself if you really want that in what you've been thinking all this time.

12 Things You Should Give Up If You Want To Be Successful
2. Parked in the past

We all have our moments "and yes, decisions that we question or that we regret. The secret is this, though, it has already happened, and you can not change it. But you can actively change the future. So instead of focusing on things from the past, invest the time in molding the future that you want to live.
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3. Think micro

The world becomes more and more connected and intertwined. Your actions and words have an impact on the planet and the lives of others. Empower that around you, return to the community in which you are inspired and read about what is happening in other parts of the world.

4. Do everything yourself

Being resilient, independent and determined are admirable traits, but you do not have to do it all alone. People who ask for help from others not only get things done more efficiently and curb the possibility of burn from exhaustion but also build strong networks with people who think similarly to them that push them to grow and experience new things.

5. Allow toxic relationships

People are divided into drains and faucets. Take the leap and cut those who grab your time and energy without contributing to your success, growth, and happiness.
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6. Work between lunches

Your body needs to receive food to keep you energized and in a positive spirit throughout the day. Also your mind. Take a 30-minute time out during lunch to have a proper meal and give your brain a break from all the work, relate thoughts that will keep you more productive and focused.

7. Maintain a casual disorder

Organizing does not come naturally to all of us, however, if your desk looks as if an avalanche of papers has passed and there are sticky notes on all surfaces around it, it's time to become minimalist. For starters, establish a system for ordering important projects and keep a complete agenda, this will help increase your sense of self-control and assertiveness. You will also be surprised to know that the more you are ordered, the more your workload will feel like this.

8. Treat your online presence as a one-time investment

Sure, you updated your LinkedIn profile or finally started your blog, but how often do you update it? Your brand (and reputation) does not grow overnight. Being aware of your priorities online allows you to add and build blocks for the evolution of your career and increase your exposure through the algorithms of the digital platforms in monitoring your activity.

9. Give your free time for granted

After weeks of work, it's tempting to spend time watching Netflix. But time is finite, and it is in your hands to take full advantage of it so that the weeks do not fade into the usual routine. You have to kill two birds with a single shot. Films, concerts, art exhibitions will serve as food for the soul and spirit, as well as organize a dinner with friends, instead of reserving select departures or going on a weekend to leave the predictable social routines.

10. Overlooking sleep

If you're up late answering emails and tying loose ends to be more productive, you're really doing the opposite. In addition to health issues that involve poor sleep, cognitive functions also deteriorate. So be sure to give yourself a night with a dream fit to be at the top of your game.

11. Thinking in negative terms

Phrases such as "I can not," "I'm not so good" and "I do not know how" send the signal to the brain to focus on our flaws or defects and question our abilities. Instead of adopting this language, take one that empowers you and is solution-oriented. That way you will learn to use your strengths to develop your skills.

12. Waiting for significant victories

Having ambitious goals is admirable. However, the timeline associated with its accomplishment is usually long and involves a sequence of steps. Do not wait to finish the final piece of the puzzle to feel that you are completing something. Recognize that you are investing time and effort every day to be closer to your goal and celebrate small achievements along the way. After all, it's not about getting there, but about enjoying the way.

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