10 Incredible Cool Facts & Benefits of Coworking Spaces

By | 01.01.2017

Coworking spaces are great for productivity and work-life balance. Coworking spaces are the perfect solution for work at home business persons. Can you guess how many coworking spaces in the us? The answer should be 10,000+ coworking spaces are currently being used according to global coworking survey. The theme of Coworking versus the traditional office has been a constant debate in the world of entrepreneurship.

We share some data from shared workspaces that have gained great popularity among entrepreneurs and freelancers thanks to the facilities they provide.

5 Incredible Cool Facts About & Benefits of Coworking Spaces

Coworking is a modality of work that has gained a great boom in recent years due to its practicality and the advantages it offers to those who need a space without paying large amounts of money to rent offices and to prepare them, or for those who do not want to follow Working from the isolation of his house.

Below, we list five curious facts about this trend of independent work.

1. Born of a concept

Based on the coworking concept that Bernie DeKovenen coined in 1999, Brad Neuberg created the first official coworking space in 2005, “Hat Factory”.

 2. Help to exchange ideas

The concept of “coworking” refers not only to sharing the same work space with professionals from different areas but also to the exchange of ideas as a basis for the creation of new entrepreneurship projects.

3. Reduce costs

Coworking owes its growing popularity to the multiple advantages it offers to freelancers, among them are cost reduction, elimination of distractions as opposed to working from home or from a coffee shop, the exchange of ideas that is generated from Coexistence with other users and ease of transfer.

4. It gives you free time

This way of working allows you to set your own hours, which translates into more free time, thus reducing stress levels and promoting a higher quality of life for its users.

5. They can all occupy

Coworking spaces are not only for freelancers but also for companies looking to save on the cost of having their own facilities and requiring different job sites in the city. Such is the case of Central District, which facilitates its facilities to corporate employees in order to save costs and transfer times and thus generate greater productivity.
Co-working spaces have become popular worldwide, affording startups instant networking opportunities. Have you considered adding coworking spaces to your repertoire of workspace options for employees?

Reasons to use Coworking spaces & benefits of coworking spaces

We have heard the experiences of friends and colleagues who, after going through several attempts to establish themselves, have found success when approaching a Coworking space.
Reasons to use coworking space:

If you’ve ever found yourself being oppressed in a “farm” of cubicles or trying to find the best place in that noisy and expensive cafeteria, that’s a thing of the past.

Today, Coworking is the solution and escape of that old system of entrepreneurship, freeing you from that already obsolete office format.

Before you sign that forced and costly contract in a traditional office, we give you some reasons to consider testing the model and working style of Coworking.

  • Grow your network faster

In a Coworking space, networking is a constant activity and a way of living. Regular interactions lead to building trust and relationships; Sharing knowledge, collaborating on projects, and even random conversations about coffee can bring new and valuable connections.

  • Find talented people to work with

Coworking spaces are a central hub for talent. With the rise of independent and remote work over the last few years, we are seeing an unprecedented increase where the best talent moves into the Coworking spaces. Hiring a great designer or programmer would be easier with a desirable project opportunity.

  • Immerse yourself in a creative environment

Human beings are sensory creatures that feed on their surroundings. Therefore, a small cubicle or messy home office simply does not help. Not to mention the day-to-day interactions with other creative people that would surely amplify their creative and cognitive abilities. Coworking spaces pay special attention to design and aesthetics; Color painting, decorating, furnishing and lighting are essential to stimulate our minds and catalyze a creative mindset.

  • Improve your social life

One of the biggest drawbacks of segregating yourself in a private office is that you lose social interactions. Many who have worked in the classic “9 to 5” form friendships only in the kitchen; A workplace always provides us with an abundant source of new friends, and when you finish once you leave your traditional office this source is depleted. On the contrary, when you join a Coworking place, close interaction allows you to fill gaps and start friendships with people with your own way of thinking.

  • Obtaining and sharing knowledge

For entrepreneurs, having access not only to a shared space but also to resources such as mentors and peer support is invaluable. You can choose to arrange regular tutoring meetings to talk through your business challenges, tackle obstacles, and set attainable goals. Having someone to support you in your professional development is one of the biggest benefits of being a member of a coworking space.
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  • Reduce costs to a minimum

The price of Coworking is handled for its value, unlike the traditional office where interest is profit and physical dimensions. Members of Coworking spaces enjoy flexible pricing and are provided with a huge variety of incentives to make their experience more satisfying. Depending on the space, coworking plans can cost as little as $ 100 per day. Comparing this with the cost of office rent gives us an easy choice for convenience.

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