10 Advantages of Having a Visa or MasterCard

The two primary credit card companies are Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. Whether you are using a Debit/Credit card powered by Visa or Master...

The two primary credit card companies are Visa Inc. and MasterCard Inc. Whether you are using a Debit/Credit card powered by Visa or MasterCard, you will be benefited in many ways. Both cards can be used almost anywhere that accepts payments online. Banks working with these credit card companies to give its users the best opportunities the can offer. However, there are few limitations too, depending on which brand you are using. 
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10 Advantages of Having a Visa or MasterCard
When you sign up for a credit card or are provided with a debit card, usually in what you look at is in its characteristics as a financial product. The issuing bank, the interest rate it handles, the commissions it charges, its Total annual cost, the benefits that can be granted, among other things.

But until the plastic reaches your hands, it is when you see on the bottom right, the logo of the network company to which it belongs, Visa or MasterCard.

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The mystery unveiled

Visa and MasterCard are global financial networks that ensure you can use your credit or debit card in other countries, say that regardless of the bank that issued in Mexico. If you have the support of any of these companies - around the world - it is welcome. In simple words, they are a kind of intermediaries.

But what do they gain? Much, profiteers charging a fee to merchants for the acceptance of their credit cards as payment, and are supported in more than 210 countries! So it is a business.

A bit of history for your financial background

Visa born in 1958 in California, in the Bank of America; where it was created the "BankAmericard® Credit Card from Bank of America," which was still paper and had $ 300 as a boundary.

In turn, the MasterCard brand was established in 1966, also in the United States, but first under the name of Interbank Card Association; In 1969 changed its name to Master Charge and finally, 10 years later, in the 79, took its current name MasterCard.
What does your credit card is Visa or MasterCard?

10 advantages that count if your credit card is Visa or MasterCard

  • Accident insurance when you're traveling.
  • Medical and legal assistance in emergencies outside the country.
  • Protect your purchases when using the card.
  • Extended warranty and price protection.
  • Emergency replacement of your card abroad.
  • Baggage loss or theft insurance.
  • Car rental insurance.
  • Special promotions and exclusive events.
  • Service Concierge, a personal assistant to help you make reservations of all types and point you on your travels to make the more pleasant experience.
  • They are accepted in more than 210 countries around the world.

Both brands offer you, in general, the same benefits and levels of protection so that you feel fully supported as a citizen of the world.

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