9 Reasons Why You Might Get Banned from Amazon Affiliate Program

By | 03.12.2016

The amazon associate program is the official affiliate program for Amazon. Its the #1 affiliate marketing to earning money online. Amazon affiliate allows online marketers,bloggers, and affiliate marketers to earn money by promoting any of themany products available on Amazon to their readers.

What is affiliate marketing: is a sales/performance based marketing where businesses allow “affiliates” to market and sell the business’s products or services. Each affiliate is given a specific code used to track their individual sales. This code is placed within each affiliate link (URL). The affiliate will then get a commission (either % or fixed price) on each sale but when the affiliate link was used.
If you are a blogger, you are most likely part of the Amazon Affiliate program.  It is so easy to implement and can be a great source of income.  It also makes blogging increasingly user-friendly!

9 Reasons Why You Might Get Banned from Amazon Affiliate Program

When you’re new to Amazon Affiliate marketing business, there are certain mistakes you stand tomake and I want to help you by highlighting some of them in this post.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building Amazon Niche Sites

Thinking You’ll Make Money Fast

Don’t get me wrong. Affiliate marketing is a great way to make a lot of extra money on the side. But when you think you’re going to make $1,000 your first day because you have a lot of friends or you’re a great salesman, you might be in for a rude awakening.

There have been times where I find a product I can definitely sell, I get my affiliate URL, and start pasting that link everywhere and then realize no one is going to buy that product or it was a waste of time promoting that service.

Use Only Account for all Your Needs

It might seem that using multiple accounts for Amazon sounds useful, butit is not allowed. Only one per user. In your account there are up 100tracking ID’s, so in most cases you won’t run out of them quite easily.

Remember to Create Your Own Reviews.

Don’t copy the ones you see in the Amazon listings. Be creative and do it yourself. However copy content from any other website could be penalized by google. So you shouldn’t copy content to your blog/ website. 
Going to Amazon and copy/pasting their reviews will not look professional at all and won’t get you ranked. You can cite a resource and link to it but don’t overdo that either.

Using your affiliate link for items you purchase

As much as it stinks, you cannot use your own affiliate link to purchase items (even if you use a different Amazon account to do so).  And you can’t ask friends or relatives to either (similar to Google Adsense’s policy on soliciting clicks on ads).

Never add Prices Manually

In Amazon the prices changes multiple times a day. Use automation services instead. 

Lacking disclosure

You must have an affiliate link disclosure on your website!

Don’t Send Unique Links via Email

When using email marketing strategies it is best to send the traffic to your website first. Same applies to paid traffic. Promote your website andnot the links. Enhance your business! 

Don’t Hide Your Links

It is important that your users and to Amazon know where the links direct.  

Lack of clear understanding

If you’ve chosen to start an affiliate account, make sure you educate yourself not only about affiliate marketing, in general, but also about the meaning of things (terms, fields, etc) in that affiliate account, in particular. 

Amazon affiliate program can be a great way to make your dreams come true. Don’t waste time and money making the same common mistakes as mentioned above.  Instead do the work yourself and find out what actually works and what does not.

Remembering these will get you ahead, but there are more. Please read the agreement before starting your affiliate career.

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