Inbound Marketing Strategy: What Is Evergreen Content?

What is evergreen content marketing? Why should you create evergreen articles on your blog? Evergreen content is essential for a digital mar...

What is evergreen content marketing? Why should you create evergreen articles on your blog? Evergreen content is essential for a digital marketer to driving consistent blog traffic from Search engines. It's a type of killer content which improve search rankings regardless of day, month or year.

In Online Marketing we say that content is evergreen when it is able to last in time without it being outdated. There is no expiration date. It brings value to the user today and also within six months or six years.

On the Internet, where a day equals one year, where everything goes out of fashion before we find out that it was, where almost anything expires long before it gives us time to taste it, the most valued contents are those that remain in the weather. Contradictory? Maybe yes, but the current trend is for evergreen content.

Inbound Marketing Strategy: What Is Evergreen Content?
It is not a content that has a date to fit for consumption: it does not respond to the news, or to a particular moment in time. News about the latest update of Twitter would only be interesting the day that the news is published, or a few days later. But an evergreen content would be long last even if it's known by the public by the social media. Evergreen content never fades out to the wind of enormous blog posts
On the contrary, an evergreen content fits perfectly anytime. It always responds to recurring themes and constitutes an added value for anyone who is interested in it.

These are content that doesn't need numerous updates over time. However, they always need to be reviewed and up-to-date, albeit to a lesser extent than other types of content. They never end up being considered obsolete.

Evergreen content is key to boosting your organic traffic & SEO.

Evergreen content is merely relevant to now and then (even after 12 months) regarding how people wants them. Whether you are a blogger or digital marketer, you must use quality content for your blog and marketing strategy to improve your performance. 
Perhaps of all marketing strategies that corresponds to SEO is the most disorienting to the professional who wants to take their blog, business, projects next level by the internet marketing.

It seems that we have no choice but to walk the path that marks us Google, leaving aside traditional SEO tactics and betting on the quality content. It is important to understand Google's bid in this direction. An evergreen quality content can rank you higher on Google search, and it's always.

Make your content reusable.

If you want your strategy to last a long time, you should treat all of your content as a part of a bigger picture. Make sure it can be used again or that your new campaigns can find a way to refer to it in the future. Also, find a way to use it on a variety of platforms and media.

They support various formats, in what regards: ebooks, infographics, posts, whitepapers... and are absorbing at the SEO level for its ability to continuously generate interest, engagement, links and traffic.

Therefore, finding a balance between evergreen content and others more related to today will be the key that will definitively open the door to success in Content Marketing.

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