5 Tips to Improve Your Life With Most Productive Morning Ever

Are you more productive in the morning? How do you start your morning to  increase productivity? How can you become more productive? Start ...

Are you more productive in the morning? How do you start your morning to  increase productivity? How can you become more productive? Start your day with a productive morning, you'll be able to done more than anyone else who doesn't productive at morning. 

Five Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

5 Tips to Improve Your Life With Most Productive Morning Ever
Some time ago I thought about how to make time to do certain things that I wanted to do. I realized that evenings were an unproductive time. It was as if I were trying to stretch from a rope and on the other side were my children pulling as if it were a battle. I could not do what I intended, nor give my children the attention they deserve.

Thinking about this I thought it would be good to sacrifice leisure time night time. Netflix, social networks and surfing the web occupied my time when the children were already in bed. However, the test was not good at all. At night he got tired both physically and mentally. I'm not going to bed early, but at that time I could not find the will to do something other than light things to clear the mind.
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Then I came across this episode of the podcast Beta testers, one of my favorite podcasts, whose theme is Life Hacking. That led me to read the book recommended by Hal Helrod's Miraculous Mornings. The title itself did not appeal to me, but the podcast had convinced me to read it.

Beyond the "best-selling" topics of which the book is full, I found some things that made me think, some very useful tips and above all the book convinced me to put myself the challenge of getting up at 6 in the morning instead At 7.30 as usual.

Yes, the book may be written for sale. Your product is a method that is presented as the solution to many of your vital problems. That, clearly, does not convince me. However, it is true that if the book had been written with a somewhat more realistic approach, it might not have come into my hands. So the book is fine as it is. Very useful tips, really.

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In short, during these months I have done my tests, and I have reached a point that I find tremendously useful. In the mornings I'm cool (although it usually took a couple of hours to stop being a zombie), I can focus much better on tasks, and I have the perfect silence to work on my projects.

Five Time Management Tips to Increase Productivity

How can you make your day productive? How can you improve your time management skills? In these small tests, I have come to the following conclusions, some of them coming out in Miraculous Mornings, others I have discovered on the basis of evidence:
  • It is vital to prepare the day before what I am going to do the next morning. In the morning is no time to think. If so, I scatter and pass the time without taking advantage of it. Knowing specifically what I want to do helps me to be focused on the task at 100% from minute 1. 
  • First of all, a glass of water and brush my teeth. These two nonsense make me much more awake. 
  • Think about bedtime, motivate me a little. I've noticed a lot of change when I think of going to sleep, "What a sluggish morning." Usually the next day, or I do not get up at the scheduled time, or I'm not looking forward to anything. A little mentalization and motivation when I go to sleep completely change the energy with which you start the next day, even if I have slept for fewer hours.
  • 7 minutes of exercises guided by the Seven apps for Android. There are many other apps that do the same. The goal is not so much to be in good physical shape (7 minutes do not give for much) but to activate the circulation, the mind and be active.
  • Create a morning routine with the Fabulous app for Android. As with the previous example, there are probably many other applications that do something similar. In my case, I found this and I love it. You can create a routine and go adding both preconfigured elements and edit your own. Add the time for each task. I find it very useful because I do not have to think about the next thing to do and I do not forget any smallness (which I usually forget). In addition when you have already created the routine specifies the total time that will lead you to do it, a very useful thing to organize well based on the time you have.
  • That's it, mornings are not miraculous, I have not crapped daisies since I got up, but I did find a quiet, focused time to do some things I had to do. And that I. My good friends know how sleepy I've always been. To stay up late, get up late. I always thought I was more energetic at night. And although it is true that I was more awake at 1 am in the morning than when I woke up, it is also true that no matter how awake I was, after the long day, my mind needed to clear itself, and not to get down to work with tasks that require More concentration.
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Do you have any trick to find time to be focused on your personal projects?

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