The Worst Entrepreneur in the World

By | 28.12.2016

Traits of worst entrepreneur of the year! Why I’m the worst entrepreneurs? What are bad entrepreneur characteristics? This all raises an important question: from conception to execution, who is the worst entrepreneurs? What are best and worst traits of an entrepreneur? Everyone makes occasional bad decisions. Successful entrepreneurs own these bad decisions and learn from them.

“I think I’m the worst business person out there.” “I know I’m the worst entrepreneur in the world”
Until just over two years ago, my whole life had denied the idea of ​​becoming an entrepreneur, or what I knew as “a business person.”

The Worst Entrepreneur in the World

Perfect memory in the university, my colleagues who all the time were thinking of new ways to create a company, not missing the one who wanted to open a den, or a juice booth, or even put a cigar machine inside the university.

There are people who have engraved in their DNA the need to create the business, to find new ways to generate money and find opportunities everywhere.

I just never was one of them.

In college, I found social work, and while my classmates were excited by the desire to find their own gold mine, I was thrilled to spend a weekend in communities in poverty, working together with others Volunteers and families in vulnerable conditions to try to improve, even a little, the situation of our country.

This feeling lasted for more than 6 years, to which I dedicated my full time to work in what seems most removed from the business that may exist.

Until, a little more than two years ago, this changed.

Suddenly, I found myself thinking about the idea of ​​creating businesses. Day and night since 2013, I have dedicated my life not only to undertake but to inspire others to do so.

Many times I’ve wondered what happened, how I went from one end to the other. I had never been able to identify the trigger of this change, but I was sure something inside me was transformed.

It was not until last week, while I was being interviewed for a magazine “Inside Entrepreneur,” that when I answered the question
“What made you start the path of social entrepreneurship? That without thinking, my unconscious gave the Answer that all this time had been looking for:
“the worst entrepreneurs in the world”

“I had always seen business as a tool to generate money and ‘riches’ for oneself, something that never appealed to me at all, however, when I came to know the social entrepreneurship, I realized that there is a new paradigm that Business can be a tool to generate positive impact, it was there where the entrepreneurial spirit awakened within me. “

With this paradigm shift in my mind, everything changed. And I realized that in reality, as with my work in the communities, if you take the right approach, you can have a major impact on the lives of others.

It was only there when I decided that I was going to change my course to focus on this that I had heard preaching in college, college and in my family.

In general, society tells us that the motivation of someone to create a business is to generate wealth, even in universities they teach you that the top priority of a company should be the utility.

And that’s precisely why I consider myself the worst, or one of the worst entrepreneurs in the world, since although many of my teachers and society, in general, have tried to teach me that I focus on creating companies that generate money, I have not Put attention.

I learned that if we understand utilities as a means and not an end, the undertaking can be the best strategy to create a positive impact on our world.

The good news is that like me, there are a lot of entrepreneurs who did not pay attention to what we are: “the worst entrepreneurs in the world“.

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