Business Goals For 2017: Six Ways to Grow Your Business in 2017

Increase sales and grow your business in 2017 is the ultimate goal or New Year's resolutions for entrepreneurs . Plan your business &am...

Increase sales and grow your business in 2017 is the ultimate goal or New Year's resolutions for entrepreneurs. Plan your business & marketing to stand with the small business trends 2017. 
Enrolling in a leadership course and devising a marketing plan can be actions that detonate the growth of your venture next year.

The last days of December serve to take stock of the achievements and failures that this 2016 left, not only in the personal sphere but also in business. This time is an opportunity to think about the actions that will be carried out in 2017 and thus achieve better results.

Business Goals For 2017: Six Ways to Grow Your Business in 2017
Beyond the goals set out in the business plan (if there is a formal one), some personal habits and actions can help to have greater discipline and, therefore, impact on the achievement of objectives.

How to grow business and gain more money in 2017

So, taking advantage of the moment to formulate the New Year's resolutions, to your list of intentions for this 2017 you could add these six recommendations that, if they are constant, will help to grow your business.

1. Plan each of your work days

Sometimes it is not enough to keep in mind what has to be done, we have to divide the tasks in the short, medium and long term, in this way it is easier to organize. So writing them down on paper and sorting them according to the priorities of the day will help you make daily progress towards your goals.
Also, in addition to the time, planning is necessary for any of the processes and in the different areas of the business, as this contributes to the avoidance of resources of all kinds. Organizing allows you to be more efficient.

2. Make clear the business model and strategy

In order to attract investors, it is essential to be clear about what the business objective is and what actions to take to achieve it. This way you will be more convincing when selling your project.

3. Measure financial results

Once done, any amount of money that is disbursed must have a return on investment (ROI). Especially if your business is at an early stage, prioritize the expenses until it is so profitable that you can spend money on actions whose ROI is difficult to measure, such as in branding strategies, for example.

4. Make yourself known

You can have the newest business, but if no one knows you will not stand out from others. No big investments are needed to launch a marketing campaign that reaches your target audience, for example, social networks are platforms that can help you to be visible to your prospects.

5. Balance work and free time

If this is not achieved, it is very likely that physical exhaustion and lack of time to perform other non-work activities can significantly reduce productivity and prevent creativity from flowing. Being in other environments away from the office can cause the senses to wake up and come up with unconventional ideas that apply to the business.

6. Continuous training

To grow your business requires knowledge in the matter, for it is recommended to take courses frequently, either face-to-face or online. Go with mentors or read about issues of business management, leadership, among others that relate to the industry in which you are involved.
Finally, whatever your intentions may be, remember that it is important to keep these good intentions out of the way and to become profitable habits throughout the year.

Leadership skills to grow your business in 2017 

  • Leaders must focus on mobilizing their organizations and the talent within them to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. 
  • Business leaders need to set the tone from the top by being appropriate role models. 
  • Leaders need to make sure the business is “doing the right things, not just doing things in the right way”. 
  • Communication is the most critical success factor in any business, especially in those going through change. Inspiring all colleagues, 
  • It is vital to build up the capabilities of people managers across business and this will in return improve the company’s operating performance.
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Do you want to grow your online business, and make it the best that it can be? Feel free to share your opinion or ask questions. And what purpose would you add to the list? 
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