Are You Addicted To Your Paycheck? 7 Reasons You’re Salary Addict

By | 23.12.2016

Your salary is a Drug, It’s like Cocaine! Having a salary is the biggest addiction to them who earns regularly. Sometime it might be harmful more than drugs. Even I’m addicted to my income, and I think I shouldn’t be. After years I’m having a regular income, I found myself addicted to my salary. Probably you too. now I need to find the way “How not to get addicted to your salary.”

Having a Salary is like having a Drug Addiction.

Ever wonder why are you addicted to your salary?

Are You Addicted To Your Paycheck? 7 Reasons You're Salary Addict

I worked with many individuals who could be perfect entrepreneurs: they lack debts, they have money, they are nice and most important, they have a great desire to get out of the employee mentality. If you’re addicted to your salary perhaps it’s time for rehab to get off of it.
However, many of them decide to stay in their jobs and not dare to undertake. And of course, this is incredibly difficult to understand (for anyone who already has a business of their own). Why would someone spend their lives preparing to start a business just to return to paid work when the first opportunity for ‘entrepreneurial freedom’ appears?


There is only one reason I can think: biweekly pay is like drugs. I know, I sound like a completely crazy person, but listen to me. What is it like to be addicted to a drug? I recently talked with my friend, counselor against addictions, and I understood some things. It comes down to this: you would be surprised by the similarities that exist for some people between receiving “the fortnight” and a drug addiction.

“Anyone who loses their means of support – trust fund, commission, salary, business profit – is going to freak out.”

1. Every time you take a drug, it gives you a “rush”

That’s also true when you get your biweekly money. It has been scientifically proven that the rewards center of your brain is stimulated with substances and money. So every time they deposit, some people feel a physiologically similar response to taking a drug.

2. You need your drug in regular doses

Not knowing when you are going to get your next dose is back to the drug addicts, for some employees it is the same with the salary. If you have ever been fired or have been unemployed for some reason, you know what I am talking about: an intense concern about the uncertainty of not knowing when you will receive a steady income.

It is for this reason that many people are afraid to leave their jobs and undertake. The fear of losing a regular deposit is greater than your desire to have a business of your own.

3. Your life revolves around drugs

Addicted people let the substances control their lives. They dictate how they will spend their day, every day. In some cases, the drug takes precedence over the family.

For many people, the same can happen with their jobs, because they let their responsibilities in the office take precedence over those of their home. And everything returns to the need to have a regular and predictable wage.

4. If you take your drug, it gives you the withdrawal syndrome

You miss the substance, physically and mentally. You feel depressed and lethargic, as if you could not go on living. It is also something that happens when someone suddenly loses his salary.

No, you do not really get sick like when you get a real abstinence syndrome, but you still feel helpless and anxious, as if you could not take care of yourself. You want your salary back.

5. It is difficult to generate wealth by being addicted

When you are a drug addict you have large overhead expenses built around addiction. You know how much money you need to maintain your lifestyle. Generally you spend more than you generate.

For people who are overly dependent on their salary something similar happens. Many have weekly, monthly and annual financial plans based on what they earn. However, it is difficult to have other sources of income because they spend their time working for others.

6. If you do not have your drug for a long time, you can fall

Addiction can cause panic attacks and make you do anything to regain the substance to which you have become dependent.

It can happen the same when you do not have work and you do not have other means of sustenance: you are going to look for to obtain “the fortnight” again.

7. The habit controls your life

You know you should not depend on drugs, but when you’re addicted you can not help it. The same goes for people who dream of owning a business of their own, but they never dare because it gives them dread to live outside the “security” that gives them a job with a fixed payment.

It is not bad to have a job, what is dangerous is just depend on the salary you receive. Not only is it a bad financial strategy, it is the safest way to reach retirement age with many “And if there were…”.
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If you have this problem, remember that the first step is to admit it. Accept that you are addicted to wages and that you want to own your own destiny. Eventually you will find the strength to make the leap and overcome the addiction.

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