AdShop by Infolinks The Next Best Online Advertising Network

By | 04.12.2016

Finding the best online advertising companies for your small business probably the biggest problem for you. AdShop by Infolinks might be your next digital marketing revolution to reach high quality targeted users with entry level prices. Recently Infolinks introduced its self-serve advertising platform named Adshop! Infolinks publisher network already taken number one place into the best adsense alternative list available to make money with blog

AdShop by Infolinks The Next Best Online Advertising Network

There’s no doubt Google AdWords is the leading PPC network on the web, Adshop by Infolinks might be the perfect alternative to Google AdWords or any other advertising network. As a digital marketing manager, I know the value of getting targeted traffic and valid customer. Its very unexpected if you get traffic from some keyword what is not really related to your content. So the very next moment, you will lose that audience from your web-store or blog. Then why should you spend money for advertising online? 

Adshop by infolinks brings a perfect solutions to get more targeted customer for your service. You won’t waste your money anymore. It’s not about the cash,You’ll get targeted traffic victimization adshop by infolinks alternative thanusing Google adwords which is able to value you a lot!
Here is a detail guide on how to make money with Infolinks Publisher Network

What is AdShop?

Infolinks is already doing well for its publishers, nowInfolinks has launched AdShop for advertisers, which is a new self-serve advertising platform for advertisers. Advertisers can producecampaigns among few minutes and may reach the targeted users with simply entry level costs. It’s very easy to done in comparing with other advertising companies. Unlike other PPC advertising companies AdShop is very user friendly, and cheap in starting and marketing. So from small business to big brands, profession to personal blogger can start their very own online advertising campaign with a very lowest cost. So here the chance to get more targeted customer and a higher chance of more profit.

Why should you use AdShop by Infolinks?

Reasons to join and use adshop to promote your service / blog”

  • They have adjusted their campaign minimums to accommodate all of the small-time advertisers that use their network. You can create a campaign for as little as $25. This is a lot lower than other networks that require deposits of multiple times this amount. 
  • Campaigns’ payment method is for clicks (CPC) and not views, so you’re paying only for users that clicked on your ad.
  • Designed to accommodate advertisers in all aspects of their sites’ promotion and campaigns, once you are signed up as an advertiser, it only takes a few minutes to get up and running. 
  • Navigation throughout the dashboard is easy. There are no hidden features or technical details that you need to know before you can get started. Everything is clearly labeled and positioned exactly where you would expect it.
  • The signup process is pretty straightforward. You just have to enter your name, email and create a password. Once you log in, you can immediately start creating your campaign with the help of a campaign creation wizard.
  • The smart interface ofAdShop lets the ad to reach targeted customers. The ads are solelydisplayed on relevant web site relying upon the sort of users. Itassures that the ads will reach ninety nine targeted customers.
  • Infolinks have a 24 hours support team which will help you to solve any problem or answer anyaccount related queries if you have any.

How to Apply AdShop by Infolinks to start Advertising

1. The step is to sign up for AdShop by click on this link for free – AdShop Login. On landed page, click sign-up and put your email and password. thats it, simple as you want. Once you created your account, Now you can credit your account with some amount and start with the campaign.

2. Now you will receive anemail to verify your account. Verify it and log in to your account. Youwill be redirected to your AdShop dashboard.

How to create an ad campaign with adshop

1. Create a campaign by filling up all  the details regrading your website.

AdShop by Infolinks The Next Best Online Advertising Network

2. The next step is to setup your bid. The best thing is they also suggest the bid price for all the countries you are targeting to make it easy for you.
Here is the suggested bid price-

AdShop by Infolinks The Next Best Online Advertising Network

3. Your ad will be underreview until the time it is approved by the AdShop team. Once it will be approved by the Infolinks team, you ad will be live and you will generate lots of income through it.
Good Luck!

Infolinks Referral Program

One of the best advantages of working with Infolinks Ad Network is that you get affiliate commission when someone joins Infolinks through yourreferral. Whatever amount the person will make in 12 months of joining,you will get 10 percent of it. Thanks to Infolinks Referral Program.

Here is what I have found very important on about infolinks referral program, no its actually about AdShop referral program on their official website.

What is the AdShop referral program?

“The AdShop referral program is an easy way to increase your AdShop balance by inviting your friends to become an AdShop advertiser.

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For each referral who joins AdShop, you will earn 10% of the referrals’ spend for 3 months!

* In order to participate the referral program, advertiser must be a paying customer. For more details please see Infolinks Terms & Conditions.”
If you have any question on adshop referral program, please go here, to check out all FAQ.

How Infolinks Works?

Infolinks was started in 2007 and since then they have helped thousands of internet marketers and ad publishers not only to monetize their blogs within text ads but to earn a decent amount of money out of their blogs. Nowadays there are many bloggers who are choosing Infolinks to monetize their blogs because Adsense nowadays has strict TOS’s and nobody knows when it is going to be banned.

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Yes, it is true that no pay per click network can beat Adsense but something is better than nothing if you don’t have any Adsense account. Getting approval for Infolinks is very easy, you just need a blog and some contents and some decent traffic. They usually take very less time to get approved for the new publishers account. There are many blogger who are making monthly $3000+ by using only infolinks. So there is a very good chance to earn more than you think.
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