Science Explained: Why You Can't Forget Your First Love

Is it true that we can never forget our first love ? Y es, your first love can never be forgotten, Ever. You can not forget your first love ...

Is it true that we can never forget our first love? Yes, your first love can never be forgotten, Ever. You can not forget your first love because this is natural or one may say this is human psychology. A study of relationships, a certain amount of mystery remains about why people tend to cling to the memory of their first love. Your first experience of something is going to be well remembered, more than later experiences.

Science Explained: Why You Can't Forget Your First Love
Presumably there would be more arousal and excitement, especially if it's somewhat scary. And falling in love is somewhat scary — you're afraid you'll be rejected, you're afraid you won't live up to their expectations, afraid they won't live up to yours. Anxiety is a big part of falling in love, especially the first time.

Your First Love Changed You: Why first love never dies

Part of what inspires a first love is the positive effect you have on one another. A first love is often marked by a period of personal growth and development, a time of new experiences and facing your fears. As a result, the relationship helps shape who you are and how you proceed through the world, and may represent the first time you allowed someone else’s influence to have such a significant impact on who you are at your core.

Love was merely a tool, some call it a gift, others call it a curse - evolution calls it survival fitness. Look what you did, you created everything that came forth. Humans! That is what you did! There are those who know what that forbidden fruit was - and then those who think they know. You took a bite and look what you did.. You created life that evolved free thought, but at expense of what. 
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Is it true that your first love never dies?

The reason first love stories are so compelling to read is because there is something so powerful about a young love experience. Is it because it happens when our hearts are still innocent and pure — before that first inevitable heartbreak? Or is it because once that huge flame dies out, a few warm embers remain to keep the memory aglow?

It’s true, too, that we tend to get even more sentimental as we age, especially about memories of long ago. An unfinished love keeps some allure for many years.

There are some people in each and everyone's life who just CANNOT be forgotten, no matter what. Such people include ones parents, siblings, cousins, basically their immediate kith and kin.

But when one experiences the kind of love that you receive in a family from a person outside of this kith and kin, and that too for the first time in their life, needless to say, it becomes very special. The person becomes very special to you and the opposite is true for them.

So when such a special person stops being special all of a sudden, it becomes next to impossible to forget them.

After our first love, we are highly aware of what outcome we desire from any subsequent relationship. We may put more pressure on these relationships as we attempt to find something that brings us back to those initial feelings we felt the first time. This can cause us to act differently as we actively pursue that kind of connection again.
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Why Your First Love Is So Unforgettable

You cannot forget because it was something that marked you in some way. Whether it was your first love, first heartbroken, first job, first kiss....things like that. If it caused you some deep emotion whithin you or if it actually changed something in yourself than usually you cannot forget. It's how our brains are wired.

Because even if we want to but simply, we can't. You are talking about true love, I am saying that we even can't forget our enemies, our achievements, our mistakes or whatsoever. 

Love is too strong to just ~go away~, to slip into obscurity because of distance of space or time, and that's all there is to that. Yes, there are other things besides love that cause memories to stick around. But name one thing you love, absolutely love, that you don't look forward to. Name one thing that you love, absolutely love, that you would just willingly allow to go away forever. There won't be one. So it's part and parcel of love -- love sticks around.

Why you can never forget your first love, according to science 

Everlasting Memories

What’s interesting is that even though you will finally find someone who is your partner in the truest sense of the word, the memories you share with your first love are just etched in your mind!

Your First Love was Innocent

For most people, their first love was innocent. It was free of manipulation on their part and often developed organically over time. It wasn’t something you were trying to do, it just happened. The lack of motive or intention makes it seem even more special.
  • We are human. We have brains. Brain has a tissue known as the cerebral cortex. 
  • This tissue plays a key role in memory, attention, perceptual awareness, thought, language and consciousness. So all memories are stored in brain always until it's not declared brain dead. 
  • It always remains in the brain in a conscious or unconscious state. 
  • Things which are regular in our life stored conscious state of mind and which are not stored in unconscious mind “The Trash”. 
  • If we don't touch any memory in that trash regularly, it diminishes with time. So that memory which you have not gone through for a long time, you may not able to remember it, but you have not forgotten about it at all. It is present right there in your trash. 
  • Stronger the feelings , longer it will take not to remember them.
    Whatever happens and with whomsoever, whether it is true love or true enemy impacts on our life and attached emotionally. We can't forget them because once they were important part of our life. Even that thought when you say that will not remember them again is also act ofremembering them. Trying to ignore your pain or keep it from surfacing will only make it worse. That's why them it hurts so much because you want to forget them but you can't.

The First Heartbreak

Ah, the pain and the beauty of the first heartbreak! It just establishes that nothing lasts forever, and yet, the memories do!

Experience Feelings for the First Time

The second you fall in love for the first time, you suddenly realize the  difference between loving someone and liking someone. You notice that  having a crush on someone is nothing compared to loving a person  unconditionally. Getting a sudden surge of emotions that you may have  never felt before and being introduced to those feelings for the first time is why first love is so powerful.

Your First Love is Powerful

The first time you fall in love can feel practically earth shattering. All of a sudden, you realize you care about someone else in a way that you didn’t fully understand was possible. Even though we are aware of love, the first time you experience it in the romantic sense opens up a world of possibility and excitement, coupled with a hint of fear. It is unlike anything you have felt before, making the person associated with this discovery a permanent fixture in your memory.

Do you think of your first love or are you with your first love? I would like to hear from you in comments below!

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