Traveling Across The Europe: No Visa, Low-Cost

Traveling across the Europe with a little spending. Personally I have traveled to Europe for five times. Spain is the country most visited, ...

Traveling across the Europe with a little spending. Personally I have traveled to Europe for five times. Spain is the country most visited, followed by Germany, France and Italy. If you stills not visited European countries then pack you bag, and get out to discover the amazing Europe. Consider these recommendations to optimize money and make better use of time. Many European plans to travel to Europe without spending huge money.

Traveling Across The Europe: No Visa, Low-Cost
Here are some tips to better take your money and your time when walking the European beauties. Note that you can only travel without a visa in the 26 countries of the Schengen area. Also note you must be a citizen of any Schengen listed country. (Check out 26 Schengen country here.) If your country is not listed there, then you will need a visa, but the expense will be same, so keep read on.

Papers in order

Eye: the fact that eliminate visa does not mean that all of you have a free hand to enter Europe. So it is contemplated. Each country is free to accept or not a person and immigration policies are non-negotiable.

To avoid problems, it is best to bring all the papers and the ticket to the return date, travel insurance to protect it against possible emergencies (this applies to all trips), booking the hotel where you will data or be the person who will host and obviously the passport. They will ask how much money leads to your spending and may require you to prove it. You might also ask to take your credit cards. The key is to show that it is a tourist with all the documents of the case and has no plans to stay. It is important to know that should lead and show that you have an amount of money for daily expenses between 80 and 100 euros.

Tickets, with time

The key is to buy the tickets in advance, with three or four months in advance can find tickets, round trip, from 7300 USD or cheaper. All airlines offer constant promotions, so worth subscribing to their communications and constantly consult. Book cheap flights with Expedia. Find the cheapest airline tickets and airfare deals and on worldwide flights with Expedia's best price guarantee!

Flying at low cost

All you need to keep in mind is that it will not have an assigned seat and hand luggage is allowed only one piece of a maximum of ten kilos. If you carry a suitcase in the hold you must pay an extra fee of between 15 and 25 euros. Journeys between European or within countries to countries are often short. That will allow you to optimize the time and enjoy more of the destinations.

The peak season usually occurs between July and October, which is when most European emerging from summer vacation and a chance to travel, which could raise prices for planes, trains, hotels and restaurants.

If you want best rates in all tourist services, it is recommended to travel between the months of November and March, which are considered within the off-season. 

However, note that in these times has come the winter, which can be very crude. Colombians are not used to withstand temperatures as low.

Local transport

Discard taxis, unless you take a generous budget or lots of luggage. The races can cost a fortune. Since European airports there are buses (or trains) leading to the center of each city (or to places of interest) or connecting to the meter; there are even some subway stations.

The key is to learn with time so you know what to do when landing and not pass drawbacks. Inform yourself well on the subway line, or in your hotel where you go to buy a ticket in advance- and with several passages to move in this system during their stay remains; This saves a lot of money. There are metro tickets that allow also access the bus system.

The best way to know a city is to walk. You just have to wear comfortable shoes, learn with time on places to visit and ask for a map, which distributed free anywhere. Travel guides, also sold in Spanish, you will help. Also worth renting a bike for a ride.

If you are with family or friends and plan to visit several cities it is very convenient to rent a vehicle. The rent is not expensive, but gasoline, tolls and parking are. However, it is the best choice when the idea is to make a tour group.

Foods in Europe

Many fear spend fortunes on food during their stay in Europe. Well, that can happen, but food can also be very economical. The key is to learn about the restaurants that are local, they charge reasonable prices and usually better. Famous tourist or very costly. It is worth visiting the markets to sample the best of local cuisine at very good prices.

Another option is to buy breads, cheeses, hams and fruit in supermarkets and so entertaining improvise a picnic
in a park or in a garden. Needless to say that everyone will find McDonald's or Burger King, where he always eats cheap. However, at least once, treat yourself and go to a good restaurant and be hunky-dory attend.

Walking and adventure

European cities are designed to be left to walk and discover very easily. Most attractions are located in a subway station, in fact, move in this system is very easy and economical.

No need to take a day trip. With a good guide, with the advice of friends who have traveled to Europe and the recommendations of experts and bloggers travelers will suffice. Another good alternative is to use the public bike system in most cities, they charge very cheap. Do not pretend to know everything in one trip and discard those marathon tours carrying tourists to know 20 countries in two months. Besides being expensive, they are limited to agendas and irremovable itineraries.

Nothing better than traveling slowly and at our own pace, according to our tastes and interests. Do not be afraid to miss afraid to ask. Indulge your intuition. All part of the adventure.

Accommodation in Europe

There are options for all tastes and budgets. Luxury hotels, a simpler and much cheaper, from 15 euros per night person hostels.

It all depends on how willing you are, for example, to share a room with strangers, in the case of the hostels. These, as well as economic, are a good choice to make friends.

Another possibility is to use social networks like CouchSurfing, where you can get a simple lodging, on the sofa in a house, free and warm manner. You can also rent a house or an apartment at very favorable prices in the portal.

Leverage technology

There are applications that allow you to manage your journey and that will help guide for hotels, restaurants and excursions, among other services. Many cities offer free WiFi in their most tourist areas.

The same applies to hotels and restaurants. But if you want to be online, just arrive at the airport, you can buy a SIM card or local prepaid (sell from 12 euros) which provides internet access, minutes to call and a number to contact you. Remember that international roaming is very expensive.

The advantage of being online is that you have access to maps, GPS, language translators and other online services.
However, I do not live stuck to the phone. You could miss great experiences on the trip.

Some travel applications: TripAdvisor, Maps.Me, FourSquare and TouristEye.

Travel light

While travel luggage lighter, much better. This prevents carry heavy bags and, in the case of low-cost airlines will avoid paying extra charges.

Learn to travel with what is strictly necessary for the days of your trip. Remember that if you run out of clean clothes, there you can wash at a laundromat or you can buy some clothes (and incidentally takes good pints).

Kindly bookmark us, this topic will be continued and more tips will be given within the next week. Till then Happy Traveling.

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