How to Die Peacefully: 10 Best Ways To Die Painlessly -Suicide Without Pain

By | 29.11.2016

“I wanna die right now. What are the best ways to die peacefully? I want a painless death in sleep. How many sleeping pills does it take to die that are actually painless? Do you know “how to die without feeling any pain?” My relationship making my depression worse. I quit my job because I’m so depressed, I’m consumed by it. My depression kills me slowly but truly. I want to die just because I think I don’t have any reason to live and this life is very painful to me. My depression forcing me to have suicidal thoughts. This is why I want painless death in sleep. I wonder if there are ways to die without hurting myself! I wanted to kill myself. What Should I do?”
— Regards
A Depressed Heart, who is thinking about killing myself every day.

A short note for them who have suicidal thoughts

“If you are considering suicide please don’t do it. Talk to someone about the feelings you are having because it really helps. Don’t do it over the internet either. Talk to a parent or close friend.”

Dear readers,
The above portion you have read till now was a one biggest and panic email letter (three page was beautifully written but made me cry), which I got in the previous week. And in thousands of email, this one got HOT attention for me. I have thought what happened to this man that can lead him to commit suicide? To be honest, I had tried many times to kill myself, even I have tried to die in varies ways, possibly using the best ways to die without feeling any pain. Luckily, I have failed every suicidal method. Four times I have failed when I have tried to commit suicide.

How to Die Peacefully: 10 Best Ways To Die Painlessly -Suicide Without Pain

I believe people who end their life by suicide feel hopeless. They are hurting so badly, and they can’t see any other way to end their pain. I won’t make you bored by elaborating the story why I had suicidal thoughts in my mind. The thing you need to know is, How did I survive my suicidal thoughts? But I’ll write this in my next post. In today article I’m going to show you actual painless ways to die.

But before you try to die or commit suicide, give me five minutes and read all the facts, truths about committing suicide or self-sacrifice, and then read all the methods which will lead you to death, the find the best ways to die without having any pain for you.

How to Die Peacefully: 10 Best Ways To Die Painlessly -Suicide Without Pain


[Please note: Suicide can’t be any solution for your depression or problem, Don’t kill yourself. Face it and win the problem you have. It is strongly recommended to not to die anyway.]

The True Facts of “why do people commit suicide.”

The truth is you will regret your suicidal attempt if you survive. Most of the people who tried to kill them-self and was lucky enough to survive were regretted just after the commuted it. Even before they know that they are not going to die.

  • The first thing to know about suicide is that most people don’t want to die.
  • People do not commit suicide because they are in pain, they commit suicide because they don’t believe there is a reason to live and the world will be better off without them.
  • They have a philosophical desire to die.
  • Most of the people think that they will achieve something if they try to die, and their life will be saved by someone around them.
  • Most of the time people try to suicide in crowdy place or choose a place where people can help them to survive.
  • They’re crying out for help, and don’t know how else to get it.
  • Suicide is a global problem that affects every region around the world, despite gender, race, or nationality.
  • The most common reason people commit suicide. Severe depression is always accompanied by a pervasive sense of suffering as well as the belief that escape from it is hopeless. The pain of existence often becomes too much for severely depressed people to bear.
  • I think what is most important for people to remember is that if you have never felt suicidal, you probably will never completely understand it. In other words, feeling ‘suicidal’ is not a decision people make when they are feeling bad. It is at the end of an emotional continuum that most people do not experience because they naturally do not allow themselves to go beyond the ability to access resources for help.
  • Nearly 800,000 people die each year from suicide. World wide it is the 15th leading cause of death.
  • One in seven Canadians has seriously considered suicide, and more than 3,500 Canadians kill themselves each year.
  • Finally, Please Don’t Try to Die yourself.
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Suicide is a global problem that affects people everywhere around the world. While it may be a topic few wish to discuss, it is important that we learn what to do when a person we care about is suicidal.

Depression Is Linked To Commit Suicide

How you can recognize that someone is in depression and can commit suicide? According to the National Institute of Mental Health, the following signs may indicate that a person is depressed.

  • Persistent feelings of sadness
  • Feeling scared of darkness
  • Feeling fatigued or not being able to sleep
  • Afraid of being alone
  • Irritability and anxiousness
  • Sudden breakup of relationships
  • Feeling hopeless or worthless
  • Loss of interest in normal activities
  • Keep silence all the time (unusual activities)
  • Avoiding people and other social activities
  • Trouble focusing on tasks
  • Change in lifestyle
  • Lack of interest in things they used to love
  • Having less food as usual

If anyone is displaying signs of depression, they should see their doctor to discuss options to treat symptoms. Counseling and therapy may also help them to overcome depression that can lead to thoughts of suicide. Suicide is difficult for many to understand because not everyone has those types of thoughts or feelings. It is especially difficult to understand when it is a young person who seems to have so much potential and life before them.

Best & Quickest ways to die without feeling any pain at home

If you are feeling suicidal now, please stop long enough to read this.
I know you are looking for best ways to die peacefully, Let me be honest, there are NO Ways to die painlessly. But you can choose a less panic death comparing with any other death.
As a human, you are not immortal, and you must have to die, you must have to feel the pain of death. So there are no ways to escape the death pains.
So let’s have a look some ways which can be used to have a less panic death for you if you really want to die yourself.

[please note: I strongly recommended to not to die, not to sacrifice your life, not to try any methods to sacrifice your life, when the time comes, you will get a natural death.]

A painless death by jumping in front of a train:

This definitely is a prevalent method of committing suicide. A lot of people intentionally put themselves in front of a speeding train or some other vehicle to kill themselves. In the recent movie, ‘Wall Street 2: Money Never Sleeps’, the hero’s mentor does the same. So, it’s gotta be cool….

Nonetheless, this ain’t the best method because it might leave you with a severed limb and make you disabled for life. In some cases, even if this does kill you, trust me, the pain would be immense. If you were thinking of this, please change your mind as this method is not fool-proof and is surely not painless.
This method gives you less pain in death because most of the time if you can succeed you will die instantly. But if you failed you will live a “living in hell” life, because I’m pretty sure this attempt at suicide will make you physically disorder forever. So I still suggest you not to commit suicide.
Don’t be worried we have more best ways to die without feeling any pain.

Painless ways to die using helium gas

Helium is the much better choice to die without feeling any pain.
Helium has been the most popular method of choice for those considering rational suicide. This one is also known as The suicide bag, or “helium hood” method. Helium is the most traditional method of self-deliverance among members of right-to-die groups (according to a source). But helium cannot be used, for instance, in a hospital or situations where other might interfere.
You can use helium for yourself.
Helium gas displaces the air in the lungs in the same way water does when you drown and can quickly cause loss of consciousness, and you can stop breathing and may die.

Caution: Dangers of this method are permanent brain damage if it is interrupted before completion, as once the brain is starved of oxygen, brain damage starts to occur. It is therefore important that there is no chance of discovery while using this method.
Don’t be worried we have more best painless ways to die without feeling any pain.


Carbon monoxide to die painlessly

This can be one of the best ways to die in your sleep. Carbon Monoxide is a very uncomfortable way to die. You’ll first feel a tightening sensation on your forehead as you become lightheaded. You’ll begin feeling confused and start experiencing headaches, vertigo, and then vomiting. As the levels in your system rise, you will be unable to move your muscles and be forced to die a very painful death. Yes, you’ll eventually lose consciousness, but what happens first might not be how you want to go out.

However, CO can be highly toxic if the concentration is high enough. It is also odorless and tasteless and will cause reasonably swift unconsciousness leading to a peaceful and painless death, although there may be some brief panic knowing that the body is not breathing in air. On discovery, the body will look peaceful.

Caution: Dangers of this method are permanent brain damage if it is interrupted before completion, as once the brain is starved of oxygen, brain damage starts to occur. It is therefore important that there is no chance of discovery while using this method.


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Putting yourself on fire to have a painless death

This one must be the quickest way to die at home. I would never recommend this for anyone. Remember the time when you were a small kid and were afraid of lighting match sticks. Do you remember what made you afraid of lighting those small matchsticks? The answer is getting a small burn or a blister that would follow after you have the burn. Just imagine that same painful burn extremely aggravated, all over your body.
If you really want to die yourself, you can give a try, but Please don’t do it. This will ruin your life. I understand you are in too much pain and depression, in this situation, I suggest you consult with a psychologist.
Also, do not forget that you might end up with a hideous face for the rest of your life. Surely, this is not the best way to kill yourself. Death can’t be painless.

How many sleeping pills does it take to die

Well, it really depends on your physical condition. But surely you can die using a sleeping pill overdose. It’s not sure if you could die peacefully through overdosing on sleeping pills.
But this is another best way to have a painless death to sleep. Sleeping pills can make you sleep forever. Make sure you are taking enough and enough. Be aware if you don’t die after taking overdose or too many sleeping pills it may lead you to the danger of cancer. The life will be more difficult then.
Note: Frequent use of sleeping pills is associated with an increased risk of cancer.

Use Sleeping pills to die without pain

Any sleeping pills including benzodiazepines (such as temazepam and diazepam, sold as Restoril, Normison, Xanax, Librium, and Valium), nonbenzodiazepines (such as zolpidem – marketed as Ambien and Stilnox), barbiturates and sedative antihistamines – increase the risk of death, even when taken fairly irregularly.
Caution: Sleeping pills increase the risk of depression, which is one of the main causes of insomnia.

Shooting yourself in the head can give you painless death

Probably this is the best ways to die peacefully. This is surely a very effective way to commit suicide, but in a few cases, the consequences can be disastrous. You might end up blowing off a part of your brain. In the instant death scenario – there likely is no pain since the bullet can transfer faster than nerve conduction of pain signals.

In all other scenarios, there is a possibility and even likelihood of pain. Possibly permanent chronic excruciating, debilitating pain.
In the partial damage of the brain without death – there may or may not be a pain, but likely will be a pain, long term headaches, etc. if the person recovers consciousness.
Really, no one can say for sure in fatal shots.
Caution: If you are thinking of shooting yourself or someone else, please seek help immediately (counseling, psychiatrist, pastor, etc.).

Hanging yourself to die without any pain

When people were hanged after being sentenced for life, the task was taken by experts who knew how to properly hang a person to death. You, on the other hand, might end up struggling and twitching for about half an hour, then fall down and cause severe damage to your spinal cord. Also, capital punishments have made this method ‘not classy at all, ’ and if at all you do succeed, an unacquainted person would surely be laughing his balls out reading about your death in the local newspaper. You surely don’t want that.
What is the most painless way to commit suicide?

  • Make a noose out of razor wire
  • Stand on a chair with the noose around your neck, make sure the razor wire is secured to something above
  • Super glue your hands to your head
  •  Kick the chair out from under you 

Overdose of Potassium Chloride

An overdose of Potassium Chloride will stop the heart. A doctor named Jack Kevorkian used this method or having patients breathe in Carbon Dioxide to assisted suicides before he was finally convicted of murder.

A few words for them, who are seeking best ways to die peacefully

Still, if you are finding best ways to die, kill yourself, have suicidal thoughts, have chances to commit suicide or seeking painless ways to kill a human, then you must know that; “there are a few different types of pains which will be felt even if you do succeed.” So you can not escape the feeling the death pains, and probably this is the worst pain you will ever have.

Please get professional help suicide is not the answer. You deserve a life and having one without all this pain (emotional pain is the worst and hardest to overcome), and you cannot do this without professional help. This does not make you crazy it makes you smart for seeking the right kind of help.

I know I have had to and it does indeed help. I would not suggest calling the suicide hot line, they were useless to help at all. You really need to see a professional psychologist, and I hope and pray you will because you deserve a good life.

Please don’t sacrifice your life, The world needs you. We value your life, probably you can’t recognize your importance, but trust me THE WORLD needs you. Use your talent to improve this world as a dreamy heaven turning into reality. Millions of people out there, who are living with more painful life than you. Just step out from your home, and see all over your city, village, streets, try to feel how people are living actually.

Trust me the people who made your life difficult do not love you at all and putting an end to your life would not affect them in any way. I might just make them happier. Sure you don’t want them to have the last laugh. Do you?

Also, please see a counselor and/or seek help if you still feel depressed. It’s completely normal and happens to many people (a lot much more than you may ever think)??
Stay blessed.

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Disclaimer: All these ways to die without pain is just reading and gathering knowledge and fun purpose. Don’t take it seriously. This article does not have any intention to harm you or make you dead. Instead of helping suicide this author tried to Stop people from self-distraction. Your death should be natural, and one day that will come to you, you do not need to run over to die.
How to Die Peacefully: 10 Best Ways To Die Painlessly -Suicide Without Pain

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