Happiness Lies In Little Things: 10 Tips To Finding Joy

By | 16.11.2016

Happiness doesn’t only live in the major moments. Happiness lives in the seemingly little things, in our day-to-day lives. Did you ever think that what is happiness means to you? It varies man to man. Here’s how to find it and create more happiness in your life.  (Don’t worry the page will open in a new tab, so you won’t lost this page.)

As you rush through your responsibilities and put out the inevitable fires of your day-to-day, you might feel like happiness is hard to come by. Or you might think that joy is reserved for bigger occasions like weddings, birthdays and holidays.

Happiness Lies In Little Things: 10 Tips To Finding Joy

We hear people say, ‘I would be the happiest person if I become a millionaire/ if I get this job/ if I become the manager’. We always think that happiness lies in those materialistic things that we do not have. Are we happy after getting that? No. Happiness is within ourselves. Happiness is a choice. Only we should decide whether we want to be happy or not. We should do whatever makes us happy. Still you want a reason to be happy? Be happy because you are alive. Be happy because you have got one more day in your life to start something afresh.

Happiness doesn’t only live in the major moments. Joy lives in the seemingly little things. Here’s how you can find it. 

Play like a child

When you were a child what activities fully captured your attention anddidn’t let go? Taking the time to play, whether it’s with your kids orby yourself, this time will bring lightness into your life. There’s noend goal, no rules or regulations and no expectations.

If you want to feel like a child again you need to get rid of your fear.The fear of losing what you have. The fear of not getting what you want(or think you want). The fear of being ridiculed, rejected, chased awayor not heard. If you want to be like a child again (but not child like)you need to drive fear out of your life. Everybody needs to do itdifferently and there are ten of thousands of resources out there so Iwon’t elaborate but once you push fear out of your life the child-likequalities you are looking for will flood into your life.

Ward off negative emotions

Children are godlike because they are innocent. Children are wise but they are not cunning. They do not have anger, envy, greed, pride, grudge, hatred, pessimism, inferiority complex etc. A child can get angry, but in the next few moments he or she forgets it. Children never hold grudges. They are not proud or greedy. They know that ‘blowing out someone else’s candle does not make ours shine any brighter’. Children do not compare themselves with other children and so they do not have low self-esteem and inferiority complex. Once you feel any of these negative emotions, immediately replace them with the positive ones. This habit makes you positive and cheerful.

Save the Moment

Joyful moments happen all the time. They happen when you’re eating breakfast with your kids, and laughter breaks out. They happen when you’re walking to work, and you spy the sunshine or feel the cool breeze from the pouring rain. They happen when you’re sipping your favorite kind of coffee – a few delicious minutes to yourself. Taking pictures doesn’t only document these moments; it reminds you to look for them. So whether you use a cell phone camera or an old point-and-shoot, capture your kids’ giggling faces, the way the sun swathes different blooms, the raindrops hitting the pavement or the steam from your daily coffee mug. Aim to take a few photos every day.

Go outside to get Happy with Nature

Spending time in a natural environment can surely boost our mood—but do we really appreciate how much? We tend to underestimate the benefits that nature can have on our happiness and state of mind. Studies show that activities in nature make us feel more happy than those same exact activities performed indoors. For example, walking through a park makes us a lot happier than walking on a treadmill in the gym.


We can all relate to this idea—you’re thinking about going for a walk, but you don’t really want to leave the comfort of the couch. Somehow, you work up the motivation to change your clothes, drive to your favorite trail, and start hiking. Lo and behold—you immediately feel amazing! You wonder why you don’t do this more often! And when you’re done, you think, “I am so glad I did that.”

It’s easy to forget how happy getting outside makes us—but the more often we practice, the easier it will be to remember.


What are your passions? What activities do you love to do? Consider how you can practice your passion every day. If writing is your passion, can you take 10 to 30 minutes each day to try a creative exercise or compose a poem? If reading is your passion, can you read during your lunch hour or your daily commute? Whatever your passion, are you interested in taking an online course or a face-to-face class at your local university? Would you like to read a book on your passion? Or maybe you’d like to take the time to figure out what your passion is in the first place.

Watch a sunrise or sunset

Sunrise is a magnificent time of day. It is an awakening of the planet, birds, trees, and wildlife. It is always a new beginning. If you have romance in your soul, witnessing this beautiful daybreak can bring joy into your mundane life. It doesn’t cost anything to watch a sunrise. You could be on your porch drinking coffee, holding hands together. Or if you live alone like I do, you witness it with your dogs out in the desert.  
The sun can recharge you. It is composed of ultraviolet light which the body needs for optimum health.The sun stimulates the production of melanin, stimulates the metabolism, (especially metabolism of minerals) is good for helping glands that take care of internal secretion.


Gratitude is good for us. Research has found that gratitude is associated with a variety of positive reactions, including greater enthusiasm, energy and optimism. Every night, before bed, list three things you’re grateful for that day. You might be grateful to your body for enduring a stressful day. You might be grateful to your partner for giving you a hug. You might be grateful that you ate a nourishing meal or had a few minutes to meditate. Nothing is too small to be thankful for. Counting your blessings is also a great way to communicate and connect with others. Talk to your family or friends about what they’re grateful for.

Have a cold shower to be happy

You probably see cold showers as dreadful things that you’ve never put yourself through of your own free will; rather, they’re forced on you by circumstances beyond your control. The jerks in your dorm or apartment used up all the hot water or some inconsiderate person may have flushed the toilet before you were finished bathing. Ticked off and uncomfortable, you become irate at these people for making you have to endure this terrible thing… but what if I told you that you should thank them instead? If a person makes your shower go from hot to cold, they are doing a solid favor for your health and waistline.


Our lives can easily whiz by us, especially when we’re consumed with tasks, to-do lists, projects, errands. Savoring your surroundings helps you slow down and actually see, smell, hear, taste and touch the happiness around you. Using your senses helps you marvel at your world, which is rich with beauty. It might help to keep a journal of the various things you notice throughout the day. If you’d like, give yourself a specific number, jotting down three, five or 15 things you’ve noticed.

Get Going

It’s hard to feel much joy when you’re tense and stressed and your mood is sinking. Physical activities help you release tension, ease anxiety and circulate feel-good endorphins throughout your body. The key is to pick activities that you genuinely enjoy. This might be anything from taking a walk to riding your bike to practicing yoga to stretching to taking a class at your gym to hula-hooping.

True happiness, is an inner quality. It is a state of mind. If your mind is at peace, you are happy. If your mind is at peace, but you have nothing else, you can be happy. If you have everything the world can give – pleasure, possessions, power – but lack peace of mind, you can never be happy.

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