6 Effective Tactics to Improve Your Online Branding

By | 02.11.2016

Online marketing has become increasingly important in the world ofbusiness. Search engine optimization, as it was originally understood in the earlier days of the internet, focused on websites with high levelsof authority linking to your own website in order to build your ownauthority in turn. 
However, as the Internet continues to develop andsearch algorithms become much more advanced, it’s becoming increasinglyapparent that these traditional approaches are no longer as effective as they once were.

6 Effective Tactics to Improve Your Online Branding

Instead, a new standard is taking place, where a link to your ownsite is much less important than it used to be. Now, the building of anonline reputation is becoming much more focused on a mention of aparticular brand – something that is positioned to reflect the moremobile-friendly nature of the Internet as more people do their Webbrowsing on tablets and smart phones. In the emerging world of onlinebrand mentions, it requires a completely different approach to build the authority of a brand. Here are six highly effective tactics toimproving your own company’s online brand mentions.

Increase Your Presence on Social Media

The number one location for brand mentions has quickly become socialmedia. Platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and others are the home of nearly limitless digital interactions, with individualsdiscussing, referencing, and commenting on your brand name. Increasingthe exposure of your own brand name will increase the chances ofindividuals mentioning your brand in their posts on these individualplatforms.

New developments in this realm, such as Twitter and Google forgingpartnerships, are a testament to how much social activity and brandmentions are becoming inextricably linked. A strong social mediapresence will encourage additional mentions, and this will soon rewardyou with increased traffic as a result of these increased partnerships.Additional social media platforms are likely to follow in thesefootsteps; while not necessarily to the same extent or with the samepartners, social media platforms such as Facebook – already a powerfulforce to be reckoned with – have already begun to implement new features that reward original content over simple third-party links.
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Building your own Personal Brand.

Businesses are not created in a vacuum. They’re the results of hard, oftentireless work of business owners, their workers and, to a lesser extent, loyal fans and customers. The most important role you can play as afounder of a company is to have a strong personal brand that can then be associated with the brand of your business in turn.

Increasing your individual authority – whether as a marketer, anentrepreneur, or simply as a person – acts as a tool to base the growthof your company brand around this activity. The reach of your brand will increase significantly if you “name drop” the brand in settings such as offline mentions, guest blogs you write for other outfits, and your own personal blog as well. Meanwhile, growing your personal brand can alsobe done by mentioning it in the context of your business brand – onefeeds into the other, which in turn provides opportunities to feed itback to the original in the future. This means that time spent growingone brand will benefit the other and vice versa.

Spend Time Outside the Internet

While it might not be as directly influential as blogging when it comes tothe building of your business brand, many experts still recommendspending time outside the Internet. One of the best ways to accomplishthis brand building offline would be personal appearances atconferences. Attendees at these conferences will often provideadditional information about them on digital platforms, either throughtheir own personal or business blogs or through social media mentions on Twitter or Facebook. The results are that your brand mentions have thepotential to increase from several sources all at once, making it anefficient use of your time and energy.

Additionally, speaking at offline events not only holds the capacityto build your business brand but your own personal brand as well. Asdetailed above, this has a cumulative positive effect on both personaland business mentions that can reinforce your efforts elsewhere.

Guest Blogging

One of the more direct ways to foster your personal brand is by guest blogging. While some take a dim view to guest blogging, as it can oftenbe interpreted as a rather less than savory way of link building, thisdoesn’t change the fact that savvy content marketing experts canleverage these opportunities to build personal and business brandmentions in yet another area.

In all honesty, the link is relatively irrelevant when it comes tomaking money. Besides, links can be omitted by editors or blog owners or simply not followed by any visitors to the site. Instead, the truebenefits of guest blogging include building brand recognition byproviding valuable information while helping others and also meetingneeds. In the end, it’s going to be just one more place where your brand is mentioned – and that’s one more feather in your cap when it comes to building authority in the new social media Internet.
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Forum Interaction

It may seem like the Internet forum is more of an old-Internet way tomarket your business, but the truth is that the popularity of the forumhas yet to wane. The marketing potential behind forum-style platformssuch as Reddit is undeniable, and other forum hybrid services likeLinkedIn can provide large amounts of potential when it comes tomarketing. 
Essentially, these forums are one of the most straightforward and effective ways to improve the number of brand mentions for eitheryour personal or business brand. In addition, it’s not just you workingon your business’ online brand mentions but anyone else who discussesthem in the forum threads you create or comment on.

It’s this discussion that can truly breathe life into a brand when it comes to its online mentions and recognition. Once those search engineweb crawlers notice entire conversation threads and begin to tally upjust how many times your personal or business brand ends up gettingmentioned, these search engines will begin to sort your business higherthan it had in the past.

Provide New and Unique Content Constantly

The fundamental shift in the SEO landscape away from black hat techniquesknown as “link building” has most certainly necessitated the adoption of brand mentions as the newest litmus test for building authority behindyour website. Now, with web browsers being able to detect link buildingfor the spam that it is, it has become more important than ever toprovide unique content legitimately.

While link building rose and fell rapidly, the idea of contentcreation emerged, phoenix-like, from its ashes to become one of the most valuable techniques when it comes to legitimate marketing. In thesubsequent months and years, many search engine algorithm updates havecome to reflect this by weighing content as increasingly important. Infact, it’s no longer an amorphous future destination when it comes toproviding content instead of just static link building. It’s alreadyproven effective in making it obvious that your business is anauthoritative and trustworthy source.

Don’t be left behind when it comes to adapting to the newest and most effective techniques for building the authority of your business andits online presence. Emergent trends such as brand mentions should mostcertainly be adopted as soon as possible; while brand mentions are still not considered a mainstream technique today, that’s changing quiterapidly.

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