5 Mobile-First Content Strategies

Recent studies by Nielsen and Google have found that while 77% of mobile searches are performed with a PC or laptop readily available, bou...

Recent studies by Nielsen and Google have found that while 77% of mobile searches are performed with a PC or laptop readily available, bounce rates are 9.56% higher than when users are actually on their desktop or laptop. This should tell marketers that there are some serious opportunities afforded by increased focus on mobile browsing, there are also increased challenges to face. Mobile marketing needs to be engaging for mobile users that are in a browsing mode and mobile-optimized to ensure content will appear correctly on mobile devices. Mobile-first content will help marketers better meet the needs of their target audiences.

5 Mobile-First Content Strategies
Think Local

Mobile platforms are the perfect places to put your localized content and local-based ads. Most mobile users are searching on-the-go, so localized content will better appeal to those who are looking for products, services and brands in their areas. Use Google Trends to search local trends for searches by the area.

Understand Your Users

In order to reach your user base, you need to understand what they are trying to accomplish and what they care about. Mobile users get frustrated with websites that dont fit their screens and arent optimized for their device. Its also important to use graphics and concise content to connect with users faster and get them engaged at higher levels. If your content catches the attention of your users, then you have a better chance of making a connection and converting a new lead. Analytics will help you see what is working and adjust your strategies accordingly.

Use Multiple Formats

Dont get caught on one type of content. Get yourself out of the rut by trying out different content types, like video or infographics. Nielsen reports 28% of online viewers watch video on their mobile devices daily. Video is a strong way to attract and convince consumers on messages that are important to your brand. Small content quips paired with a link to more in-depth content is a great way to appeal to your text message service contacts. Using different formats on different types of platforms will help you extend your reach and may help improve creativity.

Align Your Campaigns

Using mobile to approach consumers is a privilege and should be treated accordingly. Mobile devices are personal and kept close to your users, so your content marketing efforts should be carefully mapped to work together to convert your users without annoying them. Consider establishing boundaries to your automated marketing to ensure you arent sending your contact too many messages within a given time period. A texting service in particular is likely to increase your open rates, but can get annoying fast if it is treated like spam. Brands have to be careful not to self-promote, but to keep their content user-centric.

Work with Touch Format

Most mobile devices are touch-oriented, which means your designs have to be created appropriately. Links cant be too close or too small, since touch may make it difficult to click. Your inbound marketing strategy should make it easy for your users to follow your CTAs and navigate.

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