10 Morning Habits of Highly Successful People

By | 03.11.2016

Start your day with habits that enhance productivity and motivation, you’ll find you’re inspired to upgrade your habits in every aspect of your life. You know what makes highly successful people less stressed, happierand more productive? They know that their personal priorities are worthmore than other people’s priorities. Upon waking up, these significantly successful professionals don’t immediately check their email – theymake it a point to claim the early hours of the day as their “me” time.

After all, these extraordinary people believe that if their priority needs to be done, then it has to be done first. 
What do highly successful entrepreneurs and executives do upon waking up in the morning? Here are ten of them:

1. Wake up really early

I am not a natural morning person, but the top successful peopleare.You know that time is an invaluable asset. Highly successful peopletake it up a notch by waking up at 5:30 am, 4:30 am and even 4:00 am.Not only will they have more control in their early hours, they’ll alsohave more opportunities to do things that matter to them. 
Start with waking up 15 minutes earlier than your usual time. Then, gradually adjust.

2. Burn your calories

We don’t mean just the intense exercise regimen – you can simply do yoga, like Christies CEO Steve Murphy does. Exercise will not just make you think clearer, be healthier and scientifically happier, it allowsyou to combat stress as well.
Make time for exercise. An hour-long routine seems toodaunting, so try running, dancing or even walking around theneighborhood for at least ten minutes.

3. Do an “Hour of Power”

Motivation doesn’t last forever, so you need to replenish yoursregularly. Highly successful people know this, so they dedicate ampletime to increase their supply. You’re more likely to continueaccomplishing a task once you’re emotionally invested in it, right?
Spend thirty minutes listening to inspirational anecdotes and empowering quotes.

4. Jot down on your gratitude journal

Happiness is about wanting the things that you already have. By enumerating the blessings they’re grateful for, highly successfulpeople become more open to optimism and inspiration and improve theiroutlook in life.
Everyday, write down at least one thing that you’re thankful for. Learn to count the small wins.

5. Ask yourself one important question

“If today was the last day of your life, would you still want to do what you’re about to do today?”

This hard-hitting question gets you right where it wants you. Ifyou find yourself saying “no” several times in a week, then go out there and change something. You never know when you’ll have the opportunityto do it the next time.

6. Eat that frog first

In the morning, the willpower of highly successful people is freshand ready to go. So, this is the best time to take advantage of it – doyour hardest task, your “frog” first. This way, you’re more likely toget it done and you’re more likely to finish it without other peoplebarging in on you.
Choose your “frog” of the day – only one – and stick to completing it before you even get to eat breakfast.

7. Connect with your partner

Use your morning hours to reconnect with your partner. Talk aboutyour plans, your finances and even your beloved hobbies as a way toalways be present in their lives. In the morning, highly successfulpeople know that you’ll have more energy and more focus so making this a ritual is paramount. You can even set up one day of the week as your“breakfast date”. Go to the nearest cafe for breakfast or run around the neighborhood with your partner. It may do wonders for yourrelationship.

8. Plan and strategize

If you don’t take a few minutes of your time to map out thedirection of your day, how will you know if you’re headed towards theright direction? Take at least 10 minutes of your day to visualize yourlife goals, review your tasks for the day and allot schedules forbreaks. It’ll help your day be more manageable and less stressful.

9. Meditate and clear your mind

Keep calm and let your inner peace guide you: spend a few minutesto say a prayer or to meditate to keep you relaxed. Remember, 90% ofillnesses are stress-related, so forget the rush, don’t dash and enjoy a few “hush” moments with yourself. Focus on your breathing. You may even recite an empowering mantra during your routine.

10. Reconnect with Friends& Family.

Your friends and family are your supportive nets, to catch you ifyou fall and to support you in your time of need. Make time to put theminto your diary. Call up your mum? Text your dad? email your friend?because you never know someone may really need someone to listen to oreven know that your there and you care.
I hope this makes you take note of what successful people do toachieve greatness but also it shows how to prioritize your time and make your week a happy one.

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