The Secret to Healing is Forgiveness

By | 01.10.2016

We all have been harmed or offended at some time in our life. How wedeal with that “offense” is unique per individual. However, the key to moving on or “healing” is to actually “forgive” the person for the act that harmed you.


The Secret to Healing is Forgiveness

Forgiveness, for the purpose of this post, is defined as “the act of excusing a mistake or offense”.
This means you choose to make an “allowance” for whoever has harmedor offended you. I don’t like the word “excusing” because in my opinionthere is no excuse for harming someone.

Forgiveness Does Not Come Easy

Some people are unable to Forgive. Generally, the nature of theoffense was too great to make an “allowance”. The sad part of beingincapable of forgiveness is that “offense” will also be there eatingaway at you.
For those who are unable to Forgive, the magnitude of the “offense”could cause one to have increased sadness and misery. This “misery”could lead to Depression, Suicidal Thoughts, and possibly Death.

It Is Imperative to Forgive

Regardless of what action you take after harm has been committedagainst you, it is imperative that you be able to heal and move on. Inorder to “heal”, we must Forgive.
#Forgiveness will bring you #peace.
Finding peace within oneself means that you are letting go ofcontrol. You are letting go of the fear of being harmed and are able tofeel the pain.

My Personal Experience

I have been harmed in the worse way possible, Betrayal. At the verymoment it happened, I was devastated, confused, and depressed. It tookme several months in order to find “peace” within myself. I found peaceby meditating as well as reassuring myself that I was not the issue. Iwas a great person and did nothing to bring about this harm. I soughtguidance from friends and my higher power. Sometimes this is not the best thing to do when it comes to a marital betrayal. I listened to all the advice given but ultimately what helped me was the ability to find love and peace within myself.

Once I found peace, I was then able to work on forgiving the betrayer.

This Is Not An Easy Feat

To #Forgive does not mean we must #Forget.
We will never forget the offense that caused so much harm, nor willwe forget the immense pain we suffered because of it. However, we can“let go” of how it affects us at this very moment.

Let Go, Let God. #forgiveness
Let Go, Let God is a beautiful poem that I highly recommend you read. You do not haveto be a religious person to believe in Let Go, Let Go. You areessentially handing your pain and power over to your “higher power” inorder to be able to Forgive. Once you “let go”, you can feel at peacewith yourself and the strength to move on.

It Takes Time

Be patient! Finding Forgiveness can not be done overnight, in aweek or a month. It could take years for you to Forgive someone. Thesooner you can Forgive, however, may ensure a healthy state of mind.

It has been over a year since the Betrayal that rocked my world. Ihave found the strength to Forgive him, and am slowly regaining Trust in him. Have I forgotten what happened? Absolutely not. Do I still thinkabout it? I try not to but sometimes it just happens and I have to “letit go”.
I am not 100% healed, but I am much healthier than I was. It Takes Time.

Over To You

Have you ever been harmed or offended so deeply that you had to step back and find peace in order to Forgive?

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