Once an Entrepreneur, Always an Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship is in my vain, its in my blood. Yes; I'm born to be an entrepreneur and change the world. I'm born to take the lead...

Entrepreneurship is in my vain, its in my blood. Yes; I'm born to be an entrepreneur and change the world. I'm born to take the leading place in my industry. Is it dream? I'm born to be my own boss and the only boss.
In the process of undertaking it is very common to find those who tell their stories of failure or offering advice or investment, but those with a 9 am to 6 pm are the ones I think are the 'entrepreneurial vein'.

Once an Entrepreneur, Always an Entrepreneur
They will not tell that story of how as a child always knew I wanted to take, because I'd be lying. I have a story to tell about coming out to sell lemonade to raise money for a new toy and not remember being the first to propose a garage sale from my friends.

I Remember, though, that as a child I liked that feeling of knowing that what he wanted. Knowing that he could earn some money doing tasks that others could not do (at that time, my 'profession' was drawing to illustrate with software). And that's just what we today call 'entrepreneurial vein'.

"Once an entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur," I told my partner the last time we met to talk about how business was going.

And with all the confidence that characterizes us among us told me she was not so sure, he had already thought of what the salary that someone (that someone imaginary in which every entrepreneur thinks more than once during the process) you would have to offer to hire and have a job with fixed salary.

Agree. Every entrepreneur has that position, that lifetime labor supply that imaginary why give up his dream to undertake in order to have financial stability for the rest of your life.

And until there came the entrepreneurial vein.

Nothing else needs to offer enough to forget their business idea and apply their skills in the company of someone else right? Well, no. Because in this way to undertake, to read books, attend lectures, take classes or coffee I have learned that these entrepreneurs employees there and although they gave up their dream to undertake for themselves, the 'vein entrepreneurial' motivates advising, scholarships, training, financing the ideas of others.

We see them on television, we see them in congresses and conferences, inspiring others. The entrepreneurial community is so noble at times.

But I wanted to be an entrepreneur is what comes to my mind when talking with others I meet those who have failed more than once but now generate income by failure, advising others.

"But you wanted to be an entrepreneur", that phrase is the first thing that comes to my mind when I know those others who returned to office work because they came at a price, but they feel this inevitable need to invest or encourage other entrepreneurs.

In life I have come across people who raise the eyebrow and can not assimilate that want to take the risks that life presents entrepreneur.

We all know: that feeling of roller coaster where money comes and goes, the workload too, the thrill of constant innovation business, the uncertainty of retirement plans, risks to health (we'll discuss that another day), the risks of living in an economic system whose stability does not depend entirely on one but of others.

But once you assume the risk, there is no turning back.

"But you wanted to be an entrepreneur!" I said to my partner when we turn the subject and began to raise other business ideas because "time entrepreneur, always an entrepreneur."

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