How to take advantage of social networks to win new customers?

By | 17.02.2018

Entrepreneurs already knows that without social networking their business will not be successful. Many entrepreneur wants to use social networking to grow their business, but they don’t know how? I’m trying to help you out of this situation, to make you social media king; Here is a top 10 tips to get you started on digital media, enjoy digital marketing…

1. Be looking for your customers

Conquer prospects and stay informed of trends. Twitter and LinkedIn are valuable development tools for finding new customers. They also allow to better determine whether you lose or win new customers. By actively seeking potential customers, it will be easier to get in touch with them at events or conference. In the past, telephone or e-mail were effective ways to initiate conversation, but today, simply to share on the networks of interesting or useful information to start a conversation.
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2. Listening and responding

Listen and respond in the face of negative opinion, is the best defense. When it comes to positive reviews, this strategy allows to maintain and develop the relationship. You should know that digital activity is constantly changing so careful never to take anything for granted.

3. Do not start the attack from all networks

Do not feel the need to be present on all possible platforms. Choose the networks in line with business needs. Engage dialogue and interact, but only if you have the capacity.

4. Learn from others

You have to know you to put customer’s place and talk with competent people. You have to learn business and effective people on social networks. Look what they do and how they do it to draw advice. Pay attention to broadcast content, how to do it and how they respond and participate.

5. Even the most unlikely companies can develop their presence on social media

Be a narrator. Everyone has a story to tell. Even the most unlikely story, strange or crazy can generate interest.
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6. Use social media for SEO

SEO (SEO or Search Engine Optimization) is the process that aims to trace your website in top search engines. Add great content allows to engage and build the relationship with the followers of social networks and thus be recognized as an expert in your field.
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7. Give before receiving

Use social media to generate buzz about your products and services. Customers are often fascinated by how businesses operate, and social networks are great places to put it. Ask questions that elicit reactions. Submit photos and funny stories, or other items that will encourage users to engage.
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8. Touching people with the right mindset

The best way to make the people think your product is to propose to test them. Submit original things to do, no matter whether it is a video or a picture, the ideal is to create something memorable and eye-catching.

9. Be careful not to turn Twitter into customer service

Do not let social networks like Twitter become a gathering place for customer complaints. Your complaints must be processed by your customer service by email or telephone. Use Twitter to disseminate information and engage with your customers and prospects.
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How to use Twitter for Digital and Social Media Marketing

10. Create a blog on its website to increase traffic

Using clear objectives and a clear editorial calendar, your blog can quickly help you boost your visitor numbers. On the form, consider placing sharing buttons on social networks, to facilitate the dissemination of the message by your readers.

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