5 Tips On: How To Make a Communication Plan?

Often neglected by SMEs in times of crisis, communication is indispensable to ensure customer loyalty and win new ones. Now that the economi...

Often neglected by SMEs in times of crisis, communication is indispensable to ensure customer loyalty and win new ones. Now that the economic signals are again positive, it is the right time to reorganize this feature! How to make a communication plan? 5 tips to guide you!

5 Tips On: How To Make a Communication Plan?
What is a communication plan?

The communication plan is a business plan that helps coordinate and streamline the communication strategy through actions to be taken (during the year usually) specifying the objectives, targets, deadlines and that the means employed.

These actions are intended primarily to enhance the expertise and know-how of the company to increase sales in the short term, by establishing a conversation with customers, prospects and partners. They also serve to raise awareness of the company to the public or to change its image to expand its business beyond its current environment.

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Our advice to make a communication plan

1) Choose a strategic position

Start by making a diagnosis of past communication and impact (strengths, weaknesses) actions in recent years. Then start thinking with managers to determine the major challenges your company is facing, as well as your ambitions and plans for the future. Based on this preliminary analysis, it will be possible to define the strategic positioning of the communication plan. Feel free to compare the ads of your competitors for you to know the culture of your area and determine what works best at the moment.
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2) Set goals to achieve

your business objectives must be consistent with the resources available and prioritized according to their priority level: the loyalty of existing customers, prospecting potential buyers, the conquest of new markets, public information, etc. Planned short and medium term, they must be measurable to evaluate the effectiveness of the plan with specific indicators: the amount of turnover, number of visits, shopping conversion rate, the percentage of new customers or your company's awareness level.

3) Identify the preferred public

The communication plan must convey "good message" to the "public good". For this, you must identify your target heart of (your main customers) and your overall target all potential members including buyers of the same age group or professional category and prescribes trend likely to recommend your products and services. Formulated according to their needs and expectations, the messages will include a promise of communication designed to capture their attention, distinguish yourself from the competition, make them want to try the product / service, and encourage them to take action.

4) Plan communication plan

Communication activities can be organized throughout the year or be a piecemeal approach following a change of season or a product launch. Set a schedule indicating the start date and duration of action, and assign tasks between the personnel involved. The plan may also provide in advance a procedure in exceptional circumstances that will push your business to react in the short term: the reorganization or acquisition of the company, a crisis situation.

5) Use all available tools

A wide range of tools at your disposal to carry out your communication plan. Beyond traditional media such as regional newspapers and billboards on street furniture, SMEs have completed their digital transformation also use the tools offered by the digital marketing (website Shopping, blogs, social networks, emails, trade links) to reach a large audience at a lower cost.

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