History of The Father of Coworking Spaces

Today, many entrepreneurs take coworking spaces to work and strengthen their networks in the ecosystem, but few know that it is thanks to B...

Today, many entrepreneurs take coworking spaces to work and strengthen their networks in the ecosystem, but few know that it is thanks to Bernie DeKoven to whom we owe the existence of this concept.

DeKoven, the father of shared work spaces, first used this term in 1999 to make computer-supported collaborative work and new technologies of the time.

History of The Father of Coworking Spaces
Although the concept has changed to become what it is today, the root of it is minded people pursuing different passions next to each other.

De Koven is a multidisciplinary professional: writer, theoretician, humorist, but above all he has devoted much of his life to the virtual world of video game design.

The latter role led him to formulate the central approach that gave birth to the concept of coworking in the 90s: look for collaborative work that has a personal benefit, but also common.
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To achieve this he used the individual work on a freelance scheme where in a shared space, the members were associated with their peers and the community benefited.

De Koven's contribution was significant in terms of creating a new concept for the current worker.

Before you begin to create these spaces, it was Hackerspaces who gave rise to create a model of coworking pre and mid-90s opened a space for the first time in Berlin.

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Here internet access was given, allowing the community to centralize in a place to work.

DeKoven the idea began to gain popularity and began to spread through the support of other entrepreneurs, professionals and freelancers seeking to have these places to work.

During the 2000s, work spaces began to appear in different cities and places around the world, but many were attempts ended to materialize the idea of ​​coworking.

It was not until 2005 when Brad Neuberg, a professional software industry landed the ideas of De Koven in a modest loft rented in San Francisco, California where set the goal of creating a workplace where operating physical resources would be present that there in a company but in convergence with the freedoms that occupies all freelance.

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From that moment, the concept of DeKoven gained momentum in the US and Europe.

For 2007, the term coworking became a trend in the Google database.

Today, it is classified to coworking as a solid and proven concept, showing its usefulness with tangible benefits in economic, administrative and commercial issues.

With more than 4,000 shared work spaces around the world and about 150,000 active members, coworking is still positioning itself as a viable alternative for anyone starting or already immersed in the world of entrepreneurship

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