What is Google My Business and How it Helps Your Local SEO?

We know what the SEO positioning and the factors that influence our online store to be on top of Google, but what if besides organic SEO we ...

We know what the SEO positioning and the factors that influence our online store to be on top of Google, but what if besides organic SEO we told you that you can appear twice in search results of Google, do you interested to know how to do? Well, there is something called local SEO.

The local SEO basically consists of positioning with "geographical intent", ie, if in addition to your online store you have a physical location and want to attract potential customers who are located around your business, you can do so using the new platform Google called Google My Business. What if I do not have physical business I can not be on Google My Business? Quiet can also be, Google thinks of everything and everyone.

Surely you've heard before terms like Google Places or Google+ company page, which was the place where checking the listing for your business. However, Google in recent years has decided to change and unify all on the same platform called Google My Business. That is why, in today's post we talk about this new platform and as an aid to your SEO Local.

What is Google My Business?

Google My Business is a free platform Google in which local businesses are linked to their environment, i.e, that through a single panel enables more efficient and simple management so you can add information about your business such as , a brief overview of who we are, contact information where we are located, opening and closing hours, etc.

Basically the goal of Google is to offer more visibility to your business and your customers can find you more easily. So from a single management interface, Google My Business brings together various tools (Google Places, Google+, Google Maps). But don't be panic... we will clarify the above terms as we surely lose among many "Googles"

- Google Places: was the name previously received the free web service where any local company that it had a location or physical address could be discharged on Google Maps.

- Google Maps: This is the famous Google map of where the mapping world appears both as its place names and information about businesses and attractions.

- Google Plus: It is the social side of Google, or in simpler words "social network Google".

Well as we have clarified this, we can conclude that this new platform we have all the information from our business concentrated in one place.
What is Google My Business?

The main function of this platform is that it allows users to find businesses locally with the most interesting information from it. For example, imagine someone who lives in New York and looking to buy "Chicken Sandwich" will get a result with the nearest store address to buy the item. (those who live in
New York sure will understand me.

You've not only found the address but the phone even schedule and better meet customer reviews to sure your transmit confidence and know that is the place you should go. Well, this is the magic of Google My Business, and is the reason that from OLB we insist that use this powerful tool to improve the online presence of our business and the conversion rate of the same.
Advantages of Google My Business

As we have seen in the above example, the search we do is very important to our business because:

- We have a Geo-location system through an exact location of our business, phone number and hours of opening and closing.

- We can add pictures of our business in this way we are much more visible and customers can know better.

- We transmit confidence to new customers through the "reviews" that leave those who have known our business.

- We have a single control box that facilitates the management of our business.

- We are more competitive in the SEO positioning to appear in local search results.

Therefore, the importance of claiming business Google My Business is that just to confirm that it is our business, it is discharged and appears on Google Maps, Google search and on Google Plus through Google Local.
How you are composed the control panel?

 In the control panel Google My Business you can access the following:

- Google+: You can share text, photos, links, videos and events.

- Insights: Once the business is verified can see statistics visibility and audience.

- Reviews: It allows us to manage the reviews left by our customers from Google.

- Google Analytics: Direct access to the control panel Google Analytics.

- Hangout: It allows us to join a Hangout or start a new one.
How to sign up for Google My Business?

The first thing you need to sign up is to have a Gmail account, if you already have the account of the steps to follow are:

1. Go to Google My Business and click "Login".

2. Type of company: On the next screen select the type of company:
 - Showcase: This option is for businesses who work in a shop or attending physical location to your customers.

- Service Area:
If you offer certain services in which you usually get around to the place where your client should choose this option.

- Brand: This option is intended to promote a brand and location passes the background. It is recommended for online stores that do not have a physical business option.

3. Search for your business: Then click on the map to find your business:

- If your address appears on the map and select asks administrative rights.

- Otherwise, you must add the details of your business for Google to locate on the map.

 4. Checking Account: If you are registered with Google Places or are using the same address that you enter into Google Webmaster Tools verification is automatic.
- To send you a code to verify your details to the address shown or had written before (it takes one to two weeks to arrive).

- Receiving a call to the phone number you put so verify that you are.

5. Complete your profile: You make a check or another, can also be completing your profile, adding the description, etc.

 If you do not have a Gmail account, what steps you need to follow is:

1. Go to Google My Business and click on "appears on Google".

2. On the next screen, click "Create Account" and complete the registration form.

3. Log into Google My Business and complete steps 3, 4 and 5 above.

How Local SEO helps your Google My Business?

At this point it is important to note that there are differences between organic SEO positioning and SEO Local, as the first option is the work of SEO on page (technical configurations) and off page (generate content and quality links) done in the online store itself.

Local SEO is designed for users who use search engines like Google to obtain relevant data according to their own location. If for example I search "furniture store", I appear the stores that are close to my city. Remember that Google is very smart and has a few tools to find out where the user performing the search (Gmail account, cache) is.

How to optimize page Google My Business?

Once discharged, the step we must take is to optimize the page to have maximum efficiency and can get out on the first search results. The factors to consider are:

- Multimedia content: Add a cover image that is attractive and in line with your business size 1000 x1000 pixels about as well as a profile image of 250 x 250 pixels. Remember that pictures and videos you upload about your business should be attractive to the user and this will improve the positioning. It includes at least 5 photos of your business.

 - NAP: Are the English acronym for: Name, Address and Phone (name, address and phone number). Take care that the data are complete consistency, ie, they must be exactly the same as the data that appear in your online store. Eye! It is important that the tab fill in the schedule and that Google loves to have this information, not only to him but to offer the best possible service to its users.

- Category: My Business Google has a lot of categories and subcategories, if we leave our store "department stores" or "shops", will be missing an opportunity to position ourselves better and more faithful to reality. You should go to the specific category such as "furniture store". It is important to put at least 3 different categories.

- Reviews: No doubt are fundamental to our local positioning SEO factor because if we occupy the top positions of Google we have ratings that are between 4 and 5 stars. Having reviews encourage other customers to go to your business therefore encourage them to publish the experience they have had on him.

Get very good reviews helps improve conversion rate and a customer leaving a positive comment will attract a few more. Remember that your business starts to appear in the results with the stars you need to have at least 5 ratings.

But what if we find a negative message we do? Well take the opportunity to answer them so you can convince him and change his mind. Obviously obtain these depends on the quality of the service or product you offer star.

Other recommendations to improve local SEO

  • - Give high in local and electoral directories: If we have these links in these types of directories, Google will understand that our business is an important result and therefore takes this into account for our sector as well as locally.
Eye! The information you put on these directories must be exactly the same that you included in Google My Business. If you can, when you go to include your data in the directories try to copy directly from your online store because the ideal is that everything is exactly the same.

 ... But what if I do not have physical business I can not be on Google My Business?

Contrary to what you thought, Google offers the opportunity to create "brand pages" for organizations, artists, individuals, groups, etc. And in our case also for online stores without physical presence. This option allows you to reach your customers but does not include a physical address in Google Maps. In the process of creating your Google My Business account, select the "Add a brand" and follow all steps that tell you.

So now that you know about the importance of local SEO in your store and how to sign up for Google My Business, please use this powerful tool and its use results in increased chances of appearing in results finding potential customers. Remember that improves your position directly (get greater visibility and ranking of your business) and indirect (through your profile on Google+, customers can click directly on the link to your online store) this means an increase of traffic, conversion rate and thus positioning.

Now we want to know your opinion, how did you think of this new tool Google? Are you already registered in Google My Business?

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