8 Business Advice From a Father to His Son

Entrepreneurs , what advice would you give to your child if he wants to follow in your footsteps? Can you right down three advice for your n...

Entrepreneurs, what advice would you give to your child if he wants to follow in your footsteps? Can you right down three advice for your next generation who are willing to become entrepreneur? Here's a advice letter from a successful entrepreneur to his son.

Dear son,

In business, as in life, there are things you have to learn for yourself. You advance often learn succeeding, but also some learn through failure. It's part of life. However, I have some advice for you would like to share you, which, although not exempt to learn lessons along the way making mistakes, will help to have a "business trip" with fewer curves.
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8 Business Advice From a Father to His Son
1. Dedicate yourself to something you like

Do not ask what profession or business which leaves more money; Ask yourself what kind of job or business to enjoy every day. If you dedicate yourself to it, every morning you get up to work with enthusiasm and will not denial. Also, if you like what you do, you're likely to be good at it and your chances of success are higher. Always make sure that the work you have you fill out and enjoy it; if you miss it, it looks for something else. There is nothing worse than working on something you do not like. The hours are eternal.
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 2. Always learn

Life always gives us lessons. It is in you learn from them or let them pass. You must learn from your successes, but also your failures; the latter will make you grow even more. You must also enter a constant learning process. Technology change and revolutionize the world constantly; this forces you to be in a continuous learning mode. Do not get stuck and seeks always be at the forefront learning as much about your business as what is happening in the world. That will give you a competitive advantage as a person and as an entrepreneur.
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3. Delight your customer

No matter what you dedicate yourself. Your customer is the most important person in your business. You can have the best product or service in the world, but if your customer is not happy, eventually they'll lose. However, if you delight your client thinking beyond their expectations, hardly considered someone else. It invests always necessary that your customer experience is unbeatable.

4. The definition of success

Unfortunately we live in a world where success is often measured only by economics. In my life I have met some people who are so poor, all they have is money. What is the definition of success? To me, success can be summed up in having a balance in 4 essential aspects of life: work, family, social and personal. The labor aspect is what we generate money, which of course is very important, but it is not unique.

The family and social aspect is also essential; our family and friends are enjoying life with us, and are therefore very important. No less important is the personal aspect. You have to invest in you: read, exercise, rest or spend some time what you like to do. For me, a person who has a balance in these 4 aspects of life is what really is successful.

5. Work hard, but ten times

Try to make it a habit to organize your work schedule. While there will be days you have a lot of work and you have to spend extra hours, that it is not constant. Life is too short to spend all the time to work.
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6. Treat everyone equally

No matter if it is the assistant or the CEO of the company; Always I am warm and friendly with all people. Besides this speaks a lot about the human qualities of a person, life takes many turns and you never know who will be your client (or your boss) in the future.

7. Never miss the opportunity to help someone

Whether a friend, a customer, a colleague or to a provider, if you realize that someone needs help, try to be the first to offer. It is certain that one day you need it and life will take you back "with interest".
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8. Be your own judge

Forget what people talk about you. The only valid to assess your actions judge will be yourself. Always trust the voice of your conscience and remember that the limits you set you the same success; nobody else.

Your father.

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