If You Have Home Business, Learn How to Be More Productive

Be more productive and get more things done in less time! Are you always frustrated at not getting things done? Do you think you can nev...

Be more productive and get more things done in less time!
Are you always frustrated at not getting things done?
Do you think you can never get more things done in less period of time?
Not  Getting Things done in an effective way can be very frustrating which can have a huge harm to your confidence and success  in your home based business , but everything its all about your perception towards time management either good or bad that will determine the kind of result that get in your business. 

If You Have Home Business, Learn How to Be More Productive
I am quickly going to share tips on how to improve your productivity by getting more thing done in less time.

    • Organize Your Activities: Every day you must have activities that you want to get done. It is always a good habit to organize your activity into categories so as to easily refer to them for example a typical Category can be Blogging, Research, Emails,Social Media, Marketing, Prospecting, Shopping, family etc. This is down to you, as long as it makes sense and can easily remind you of what you want to do. Organizing your activities into categories help you to group and easily identify a particular activity.

    • Create a To-do List: It is very important for you to write down the activities that you want to get done in a checklist format. Set up a specific time frame  to get the job done. This is very simple to use, use can use a diary to write down your  to-do list but I personally recommend an electronic organizer in which I believe most smart phones do have one.
    • De-Clutter Your Office Desk As well as  Your Computer: It is vital that you keep your work space clear of any cluttering items such as papers, and other items. It is a proven fact that your concentration level will increase when your workspace is clear and causes less distraction than when is is cluttered with unwanted items. Same as your computer, you must start to learn to arrange your files,softwares in folders so that they look tidy and clear. In my opinion, there is nothing more distracting and tiring than opening a computer homepage and all you see is files cluttered everywhere. Making sure that your Workspace both desk and computer is de-clutter will improve your productivity level. Also, ensure not to open to many web browsers or pages at the same time this also causes distraction and reduces your productivity level.
    • A cluttered workspace will cause distraction and less work will be done while a clear desk will improve your productivity

  • Focus on The task At Hand: it sis so amazing how we can get distracted within tasks, especially distraction like phone calls, checking emails, social media etc. You must discipline yourself on focusing on one task and get it done with no distraction. This is common to people who try to multi-task. I do not recommend it unless you are very good at it.

  • Always Plan Your task Ahead of Schedule: it is always very effective to plan ahead of your task. i always recommend you plan your tasks a day before, so plan tomorrow task today. You must prepare by gathering all the resources that will be needed in for such task to get done at hand. Also, ensure that you allocate a time slot in your diary calendar or to-do list.

  • Always use a timer to keep you on track: it is always advisable to select a task and  start a timer, this will help you to aim at getting the task done within the allocated time slot. This is very important and takes discipline to implement. You must never allow yourself to extend the time, it will help you to get more done with the allocated time period. I recommend a stopwatch which you are common in most mobile phones as well as most computers have stopwatch

  • Use Your time Wisely:Use must respect your time by avoiding time stealer such as random visits to social media sites such as Facebook ,twitter and YouTube; web-browsing, online shopping, frequent email checking and replying messages. Avoid Interruptions or taking phone calls during an activity, it causes distraction. You are better off switching it off and let them leave a voice message. You must have set all these distractions into activities themselves such as have a time slot for returning phones, or checking emails.
Your turn!
You can start improving your productivity by following this tips to improve your business activities and get more done in less time, this will also improve your success rate. You can share any tips or comment on this post in the comment box below
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