7 Simple Steps To Create The Ultimate Office Sanctuary

You can maximize the #productivity of your office space by doing some simple change. Learn how you can make your workplace an extraordinar...

You can maximize the #productivity of your office space by doing some simple change. Learn how you can make your workplace an extraordinary space to help your productivity.
Almost fifty percent of people are unhappy at work. Surprised? Probably not. Most of us working a full-time job. But our workplace is not comfortable as our office what actually we needed. If so, use these easy tweaks to make it a happy and productive environment.

7 Simple Steps To Create The Ultimate Office Sanctuary
There is nothing better after a hard day's work, get home to surround yourself with your favorite things and your loved ones. However, if you're like most people you probably spend more time in the office than at home. Imagine how your life would be if you could take the comforts of your home to your workplace! Believe it or not it is possible with some slight changes.

I leave seven tips to make your office a more peaceful place to help you be more productive.

1. Be clean and free of debris

The disorder can cause distractions that keep you from the things you have to accomplish in your workday. Clean your desk, walls and floors and dirty objects that hinder you, and leaves only those who truly will be useful. A good tip is to clean your workplace every evening before leaving the office the next morning to start the day with a tidy desk.

2. Think of aesthetics

You can create harmony in your office with the same type furniture, curtains and rugs to coordinate and other objects that are pleasing to the eye but do not be distracted. Add your personal touch to make your office feel more like a home than an institutional setting. For example, invests in a chair that is comfortable but functional, adds a decorative pillow, a photo or a lamp. Get rid of what is broken, dirty or damaged.
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3. Create and use systems

Implement new systems to reduce clutter and anxiety it causes. Use files that are sorted by color, establishes a routine to answer emails, coffee, electronic return calls, and so on. A good way to accomplish this is the method "Play once". In other words, every time you get a piece of paper or document must decide what to do with it: I crush it, throw it, save it or respond to it. This system will help roles in an effective manner rather than just move them from your desktop.

4. Add a bit of your personality

Your home is comfortable because it is full of personal effects such as photographs, souvenirs and decorations. Do not hesitate to put in your office objects that make you smile and remind you of your loved ones. Put them in a place that allows you to constantly see them to get inspiration from them. You can make a cork containing photos or images that represent what you want to be, do and achieve in your life.

5. Have a little nature

You can add a touch of life and freshness to your office with an aquarium with goldfish, real plants, fresh flowers, a beautiful stone or shells sea.
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6. Light up your space

Good lighting can dramatically change your mood, behavior, productivity and even your hormonal balance. Use natural light in your favor whenever possible or show your personality through good lighting effects.

7. Nurture your body and your soul

Make a snack bar with healthy snacks like granola bars, nut mixtures and fresh fruit. Drink your coffee from your favorite mug, drinks tea from a china cup and drinks water from a bottle decorated. Put your favorite music, as far as possible, to concentrate better.

These little touches make your workplace transformation from ordinary to extraordinary.

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