5 Skills That Make Women Better Bosses Than Men

In the world of small business, there are more men than women, and not to compare the percentage of men leaders with the percentage of wome...

In the world of small business, there are more men than women, and not to compare the percentage of men leaders with the percentage of women leaders.

Although women are much less than the men who run companies, studies show that women do better than men and might be better leaders.

5 Skills That Make Women Better Bosses Than Men
According to a study headed by Brother Chris, a Professor of strategic management at McMaster University, and Gregory Mcqueen, Senior Executive Dean at the University of medicine in Arizona ATSU, showed that women really are better than men in the cooperation and marketing in business, which is of great importance in this field.

A company also makes Zeneger Folkman examine this topic and found that women showed greater results than men in 12 of the 16 tested qualities. After analyzing the 7.280 ratings given by their clients, the study showed that more women beat men most significantly in entrepreneurship.

Now we will look at what are the five skills in which women are more effective bosses and tips that can improve your leadership qualities and of both sexes.

1. good at communication

The fact is that women are better listeners than men, and that's exactly what skill, which is of the greatest importance in the management of the team and when working with clients. This is the result of the orientation of the women to be more open to discussions, and in men is just the opposite-they want back in action quicker, communicate through action rather than through conversations.

Why the hearing is an important skill for everyone: Employees want to be heard, and customers want everyone to understand their wishes and to permit their problems. If you're good at communication, you will have healthier relationships built on trust.

2. Better in the construction of a unified team

Zenit are better at achieving consensus, and in most cases do not have the need to mentor anyone what to do, as in men.

Why building a single team is important for everyone: in his book "The Fall of the Alphas" Dana Ardi shows how Dominican and authoritative man is replaced by a more close and more open to collaboration leader. The author says that the best bosses are the ones who know to guide through openness to suggestions and not through direct force and emulating.

3. Have a stronger business principles

Mcqueen and brother reveal that women who are more effective leaders "understand and consider the rights of others in achieving justice."

Why the principles important for everyone: the management of a small business is a place of principles and moral choices. When confronted on the edge, most of the owners take the wrong decisions and ignore the principles and their owners in most cases legal standards. The strong morals will help you in business management to deal with similar challenges.

4. They are more patient

Women are much more patient with his workers than men. There is less likely to make hasty conclusions or hasty decisions to act faster. The study, organized by nashas, it becomes clear that women tend to wait longer to achieve the desired result.

Why patience is an important skill for everyone: For true prosperity in business takes from seven to 10 years. The winners are those who are more patient and act when it is most suitable. This proven leads to success, small steps are the key to the realization of the objectives.

5. Better in the commitment of the employees in the work

According to the author of the book "Fire Up! Your Employees and Smoke Your Competition "Jay Fort women are" more astute, know how to employees interested in doing a deal. They shall ensure that all 43 muscles in your face and noticed every single emotion. "

Why "this is an important skill: activates Passion loyalty. Motivate yourself and your workers they will be committed to the company and its products. As Sarah Robinson says in his book "Fierce Loyalty," "in the world of social networks, where users browse products online before buying them, a strong faith community is the most powerful marketing strategy for any business."

This is a guest post written by Haydar Ali, who is a part-time blogger from Mumbai, India. Currently traveling in Europe.

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