5 Rules for Choosing a Memorable Domain Name

Well, you decided to open your own shop. Blogspot or WordPress provides you with free domain "onlinelivingblog.wordpress.com" bu...

Well, you decided to open your own shop. Blogspot or WordPress provides you with free domain "onlinelivingblog.wordpress.com" but you also have the option to use your custom domain as "onlinelivingblog.com". Having a domain name makes own customized look to your more pro shop and makes it much easier to promote your brand.
"Choose a good domain name for your virtual store. Having your own domain is preferable to use a sub domain, providing credibility and professionalism. Choosing a good name can increase the number of visitors. When I checked DrChristopherHerbs.com, I noticed an increase in sales. In fact, 66.74% of my traffic comes from search engines, most searches are "Dr. Christopher herbs" which corresponds and is related to my domain. "

With so many sites out there, often you need to be creative to find a domain that is not already used. Smashing Magazine Magazine wrote a good article about it and we've highlighted 5 points to consider when creating your domain.
5 tips to create your domain name

  • Essential: Make it short, catchy and memorable! You must also create a name that is easy to spell and pronounce. 
  • The rules do not say something like Evita what your competition and make sure you are not violating trademark rights of any business.
  • ".COM": The term ".com" is the most popular domain and may be difficult to find one available. In most cases, you should decide to use ".com", however if you are planning to sell in a specific country, you can consider a special domain of the country as "co.uk" for the UK.
  • Discoverable vs salable: What is your strategy? Generate traffic through search engines? If this is your case, then you use real words and phrases that people might be looking as TopTvMounts.com, and increase your search ranking. If your marketing strategy is focused on paid search listings, banners and building buzz, you should opt for one that is salable, as Insiders1.com, that people will remember. 
  • Be creative: Most one word domains are already being used and probably need to create your own word. Try combining two words to create a (YouTube), uses a phrase (Six Apart), utilizes fragments of words to create a (Microsoft), truquea a word (Flickr), add a suffix or prefix (Shopify) or make your own single word (Odeo).
Tools that help you make brainstorming for names

NameStation - Generate a list of available domains based on a word.

DomainTyper - check domain availability instantly.

Domain Pigeon - See what your competitors are looking to register. It serves as a source of inspiration.

Domainr - Type a word and find "domain hacks".

If you do not find your ideal first name, do not get discouraged. You'll find a domain name that represents your virtual store and is to your liking.

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