5 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers

By | 14.10.2016

Be productive on social media networking. Get success of your digital marketing strategy. Follow these tips to manage your brand profiles and build a solid fan base without investing much time.

There are many recommended actions and suggestions for the use of social networks can be overwhelming for those who administer. And it is that not only have to update numerous profiles every day, but must also connect with potential supporters and monitor the keywords of your company to detect and manage any kind of negative comment. And that’s not all. (If you need help to write your marketing plan read; How to Write a Marketing Plan: A Step by Step Guide)

5 Habits of Successful Social Media Marketers

Therefore, to avoid overwhelm you, you must re focus your efforts on these five habits on social networks to help you better manage your accounts. Also, if you apply daily you can build a good online brand reputation and interact with your audience without wasting too much time:

1. Check the pulse of your profiles

As manager of social networks, the first thing you do every day is to access your profiles. Although this seems like common sense, many companies create their profiles and then forget about them for weeks, even months.

Whether you have chosen to focus on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+ (or a combination of these and other social networks) the first step is simply to get to them. Once you’re in your profile, you can complete your goals, which are the basis of an effective social media marketing.
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2. Answer the direct interactions of your followers

One of the most important things you should do on your social networking profiles is to respond to direct messages you receive from your fans or potential fans. These interactions can occur in various ways, including:

  • Comments on Facebook 
  • Publications on your Facebook wall 
  • Labels on Facebook, either state or in a photo 
  • Direct messages on Twitter (DM) 
  • Answers on Twitter (@)

What is important is that these interactions represent people who have put enough effort to connect with your brand on a much more intimate than just watch your content level. Although these interactions can be positive or negative (may be complaints or criticism), it is important that you answer them by simple respect for the initiative of these followers.
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3. Post content that encourages conversation

Once you have answered direct interactions that appeared since the last time you went to your profiles on social networks, take a few minutes to update your status or post a comment or note designed to encourage interaction among your followers. For example, you can:

  • Make a provocative question 
  • Share an interesting article 
  • Discuss a recent news 
  • Post a picture or inspirational phrase 
  • Asking your customers to give feedback on your product or service

When you think these messages, make your call to action is obvious, because social media users are too bombarded by messages, so you should make the process easier to act. It includes in your comment a phrase like “Let us know what you think” or “Share with us your ideas and comments.” This makes your profile look more friendly and interactive for potential followers.
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4. Find new followers

Ideally, your new followers should be people who love your brand or your Web site content so much that can not wait to know more about you. But sometimes -either because your site is new or because your company has not created any strategy to attract followers you must be more proactive when it comes to building a solid fan base for your business.

An idea to do on Twitter is to search the profiles of industry authorities. Then follow the people who follow them, because this indicates that might be interested in your company as well. Much of this people will be willing to automatically follow, which will increase your number of followers.

Attract fans on Facebook can be more difficult, but the same principle applies. Seeks those who have shown interest in your industry and its authorities, and present yourself through direct messages.
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5. Look for terms related to your business

A daily habit you need to take is to make a quick search for any phrase that refers to your company, including those with misspellings or abbreviations.

Specifically, what you’re looking for is people with whom you are not connected but are mentioning the name of your brand. This kind of references can lead to reviews or questions seeking clarification. Either way, proactively look lets you connect with potential supporters and gives the image of a brand that really cares about serving customers.

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