5 Easy Steps to Start Meditation at Home

Meditation has been done by many people from different cultures for thousands of years, and although some time scientists were skeptical a...

Meditation has been done by many people from different cultures for thousands of years, and although some time scientists were skeptical about the benefits of this practice, various studies have come to light demonstrating the many benefits of meditation.

By meditating not only stress levels are reduced and a state of relaxation and mental clarity is obtained, but also can prevent various types of diseases and aid recovery from addictions and even surgeries much faster.

5 Easy Steps to Start Meditation at Home
Then we will see how to meditate at home by following 5 easy steps, this is just one of the many ways that exist to meditate properly and indeed is so simple that you can easily do away few minutes a day to practice.

Here are some steps you can take to practice meditation from home, or from anywhere that lends itself to the practice ...

  • Find a quiet place where you can meditate. You can have a special room for meditation, or you can also meditate in your own room or in the garden. Just make sure that the chosen location is clean and tidy, because the environment has a direct effect on meditation, unless a fairly advanced level have.
  • Second, choose a good time to meditate and be sure to always meditate at the same time. Usually the ideal time for meditation is early in the morning and in the evening hours before bedtime. In this way, you can meditate without hassles or interruptions.
Before meditating, preparing the items that will be used in meditation if applicable. It is also good to make sure that everything that can distract us from practice, such as mobile phones, are turned off or are not in the same room.

Third and after everything is ready, it is time to start meditating in the correct position. Usually there are several positions to enter the correct state.

The best way to start is to sit in a chair with your spine straight and in a comfortable position, then there is the classic lotus position sitting / or on the floor, on a pillow comfortably cross-legged or you can even meditate on the position lie on your back.

If you're starting to meditate, it's sure to take good sitting position, as most beginners fall asleep while meditating in a lying position and the lotus position is usually somewhat uncomfortable if you are starting out. Make sure you feel comfortable / or your position, because you'll be in the same position for several minutes.

  • After this, you can start meditating closing his eyes. Focus on your breathing slowly inhaling through the nose, and releasing the air also quietly through the nose. It is advisable to do this for about 20 minutes.
  • While perform this meditation, the mind is attentive to each inhalation and exhalation each, without making much effort, if we do well to exercise our minds enter into a relaxed and natural setting, which we call meditative state.
This particular meditation helps improve care and facilitates have an ever clearer and more quiet and obedient mind with what will also be easier to resolve the various issues that arise in the day.

It is possible that in this meditative practice your mind to wander away any other thought. When this happens you just have to observe the thought without getting involved with him. As if you saw pass a fish in the ocean, just watch as the thought crosses the huge ocean of your mind without altering your state, you will see how over time it becomes easier to get into the right state.

Meditation can be as long as you want, it is worth saying that the more profound meditation can bring greater benefits to your life. However just a few minutes a day to start to see greater mental clarity, overall energy levels and better welfare.

If you want to know more about the benefits of meditation practice we suggest you visit our article on the effects of meditation on the body and mind.

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