4 Foods Are Preventing Your Hair Grow Fast, Strong & Healthy

Do you love Longer, Stronger & Healthy hair? Ever wonder why your hair are not growing usually like other people? Why your hair are not ...

Do you love Longer, Stronger & Healthy hair? Ever wonder why your hair are not growing usually like other people? Why your hair are not enough stronger and not healthy as it should be? We will reveal those reason baking with science.

4 Foods Are Preventing Your Hair Grow Fast, Strong & Healthy
Now-a-days, hair-fall has become one of the most common problem for both men and women, this is due to the adoption of unhealthy lifestyle. Although the causes of hair loss are many — including genetics, age, hormones, nutrient deficiencies, toxicity, medications and autoimmunity — changing the diet can, in many cases, be helpful. Proper diet and supplements can slow or reverse hair loss, and make the hair thicker and healthier.

Some surprising nutrient-rich foods can stop hair loss, according to science. both male-pattern balding and female hair loss is often associated with insulin resistance. Salmon is one food that helps the body process insulin more efficiently. 

If you had a fit, you cut your hair and now you regret that decision because you realize that long hair you was perfect, it is better to read this article that will help stimulate your hair grow and not only that, but do it in a strong and healthy way. Personally, every time I cut my hair I regret every day and ask me to regrow. Paradoxically, when I grow I get bored and short immediately.
Fact: If you’re older than fifteen, the era of your thickest hair has come and gone. From now on, the name of the game is to keep as much of that stuff on your head and maintaining its luster, strength and shine.
But that is another issue and has to do with my strange personality. What we do is relevant to this article is that my hair grow much more delayed than normal and also I drop by lot. But thanks to the Internet I discovered that this was happening I had to do directly with the food I'm having.
According to dermatologists, the average growth of hair is about 1.4 cm. a month. Hair grows faster in people between 16 to 46 years, and clearly decreases from 50.

Hair growth is directly related to genetic, hormonal and nutritional factors. So the "tricks" to grow we see daily on various websites or tell us our mothers and grandmothers do not work at all.

What to do then?

Does shampoo helps you?

The shampoo can not help hair grow faster, but that the growth phase is not broken.
This product has been popular lately, however, does not make hair grow but causes frizzy and only delivers a greater sense of volume.

What about vitamins?

Vitamins can help improve hair, but not exactly make it grow. However, you can use supplements like iron and cystine to stimulate it.
What we can assure you is that there are certain foods that may be preventing your hair grow strong and healthy. If your hair is not healthy, you may not grow rapidly.
These are foods... pay attention!

1. Sugars processed

Sugar levels can cause increased levels of testosterone, the male hormone that reduces and irritates the hair follicles.

2. Juice detox

When we consume these liquids are depriving our body protein and simultaneously saturating sugars, which also influences the production of testosterone. So we must consume these juices in a balanced way without falling into excess.

3. Certain kinds of fish

There are fish such as swordfish and mackerel, which contain high levels of mercury which causes hair loss and affect the formation of keratin.

4. Products with a small amount of protein

The hair has a lot of protein, so eat foods low in it like pasta, white bread and cereals can leave your hair dull and undernourished. Instead, those with a high protein will deliver shine and softness to your hair.

You know. If you want your hair to grow healthy and strong you should try to avoid too much of these foods and also advise you to start being more relaxed, because so you can reduce the fall.
And next time, think before you cut your hair cheer.

How fast you grow your hair? Let me know in the comment box!

This was a guest post written by Fahim Ahsan.
About the Author: Fahim Ahsan is Internet based Entrepreneur, Creative writer, Idea generator, Business consultant, digital marketer. With nine years experience he is helping people to make their business startup & success. Nashas is his last foundation. He has done all the work from home. Follow him @Twitter & @Facebook

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