13 Ways To Become a More Interesting Person

Improve yourself and be more interesting. One of the questions that haunted the platform Quora was "how to be a more interesting person...

Improve yourself and be more interesting. One of the questions that haunted the platform Quora was "how to be a more interesting person." We've collected all the most creative ideas based on their own experience to offer the most practical advice. Read on to know all the ways out of every social encounter with much more confidence and a network of followers. (read: 7 Ways to Constantly Improve Yourself)

Develop new skills.
Make sure that other people find you interesting making you useful in any situation. That's why constantly learning new skills that will draw attention.

You will always be the person to turn to
I am curious

One way to ensure that you are not interesting is to close your mind to different opinions and views. Instead, you have to be always looking for new ideas and experiences that change the way you think and feel. Being a lifelong learner.

Learn how to tell a good story.
You may have accumulated a lot of information and experience, but if you do not know how to communicate with other people, you're sunk.

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Listen and shows compassion.
One way to look interesting is to be interested in others.

Ask good questions.
To look more interesting do not need you to talk to people to believe that you are more interesting. Instead of them, get them involved in a deep conversation. Do not be embarrassed to ask apparently simple questions.

Say what you think.
People who do not say about something both for disagreeing can be boring.

Follow your interests.
Instead of learning about topics bored by the simple fact of being well informed, search in areas that motivate you.

Reads a lot.
If you have the time and money to travel the world, very well. But even if you do not, you can learn about different cultures and historical periods through reading.

Power your sense of humor.
A sense of humor not only makes you more interesting and more fun, but according to recent studies is a sign of intelligence.

Spend time with other interesting people.

Deepen your interests.

Practice the art of improvisation.
Learn to improvise you can improve your communication skills in everyday life: listen. Focus on what the other person is saying rather than what you'll say next.

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Interact with a different audience.

Perhaps one of the reasons why you do not feel interesting is because you're surrounding yourself with people who do not appreciate. In this case, you must find a different community to understand how much you have to offer.

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