12 Productivity Truths All Entrepreneurs Should Embrace

By | 11.10.2016

Motivation & productivity is what helps drive your business. Youcan be given the best strategy or steps, but you have to be consistentwith that strategy and show up day to day. Productivity is what allowsyou to bring all your brilliant entrepreneurial ideas to light. Here are few things to help you out when building productivity into your dailyroutine.

12 Productivity Truths All Entrepreneurs Should Embrace

 1. A little goes a long way.

You are not going to be your most productive self 24/7. Ride thewaves of being productive and give yourself breaks when you just can’tget in the groove.
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2. Time is not a consistent & you will not be it’s master.

3. A bad day should not equal a bad tomorrow.

Reset before bed. Figure out what happened. How can you reset tomorrow?

4. It’s a journey not a destination.

There will be always be more to do, you will never conquer your to-do list when it comes to your business. If you don’t have anything to do,you don’t have a business. Things will be harder in the beginning andless hard as you learn, but it’s never done.
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5. Focus does not equal productivity.

Sitting out the screen forcing yourself to write, but not writing will get you no where. Focused action is the key, if you absolutely can’t force your brain into doing thattask, move on. An hour spent focused is wasted if it’s not an actionable hour. Your time is better spent taking a break or finding something you can focus on. This is not an open invite to do whatever everyday, it’sabout recognizing when you need to switch tasks.

6. There is no formula.

What works for someone else may not work for you, one size does notfit all. However, that does not mean you can’t figure out your formula.Which takes us to #7.

7. Experiment to find your “formula”.

Find what works for you. You will have to make an effort to develop routines and habits that will support your productivity. Read the series on Building A Better Routine if you need ideas to get started.
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8. Even YOUR formula will change.

What might work best when you begin your business, may not work bestfor you in 6 months time. Also different tasks may require differenttechniques. Even the change of season can affect when you are mostproductive and your schedule may need to be adjusted.

9. Embrace technology.

Find ways to make tasks easier, technology does a lot these days.Don’t be afraid to investigate and try to make technology work for you. I got your social media covered with this post.

10. Fear is usually the root of most of our lack of productivity.

Often times our minds can play tricks on us. The closer we get tosomething we feel uncomfortable with or that we are afraid (even if that fear is irrational), we can self-sabotage. This can show as lack ofmotivation or progress it can also show up as #11. Working on mindset is part of this process.

11. Lack of discipline.

Often times lack of discipline can be a way of self-sabotaging orbecause we are pushing ourselves too hard. However, you want to develop a structure to avoid this pitfall to productivity. This can be avoided by sticking to a schedule, setting deadlines, and avoiding distractions(hello Netflix).
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12. Be honest with yourself and re-evaluating.

Staying productivity is something that you have to keep working at.You may be highly productive for a while and then realize you haveslacked off a bit on the discipline or you need to re-evaluate what youare spending your time on or how you are approaching tasks. Like most things in business it’s a process and something you have to keep working at. 

Working on productivity can be hard, but the results are so worth it. Grab these tips. Tweet

I hope these tips help you as you work on becoming more productive.Working on productivity, routines, and keeping motivated will help growand bloom your business, and make the hustle a hell of a lot easier ;).

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