Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

By | 10.09.2016

Choosing a domain name is similar to choosing a company name. If you thoughtdesigning your website was difficult, try coming up with a domain name.Your name says a lot about your business, and the wrong name could prove disastrous. How do you create a domain when it seems all the best names are already taken? It takes a bit of creativity, but it is possible.When deciding on your company’s domain name, keep these tips in mind.

Top 10 Tips on Choosing the Best Domain Name

Keep Your Brand and Domain Name Together
If possible, choose your brand name based on what domains areavailable. Naming your brand with your domain name in mind simplifiesthe process, rather than choosing your brand name and finding out afterthe fact that that domain is unavailable.

Protect your brand
Is it easy to misspell your name? If so, you should purchasemisspelled versions of your domain and redirect them to your domain.Purchasing different domain extensions as well can also ensure thatcustomers are directed to your website instead of a competitor.

Be relevant
Your domain should give a clear signal as to what your site isabout. Keeping your domain name relevant to your industry makes iteasier for people to find your website.

Use Correct Spelling
Omitting letters and using ‘cute’ spelling (i.e. kewl, gr8, etc)might seem fun and unique, but you are only going to confuse thosetrying to find your website. Your domain should be spelled appropriately and correctly so if someone hears the name they can easily find it.

Shorter is better
You might be focused primarily on your online presence when thinkingof a domain name, but remember that your domain is what will go onbusiness cards and other offline media. Keeping your name short alsomakes it easier for customers to remember.

Avoid Numbers
Tell someone your domain name containing numbers, and you will leavethem wondering if eight is spelled out or written numerically. Numbersin a domain add to confusion and could make it difficult for potentialcustomers to find your website. When choosing a domain name, stick tothe alphabet.

Be memorable
With millions of registered domain names, it is important to makeyours stand out and be catchy. If customers can’t ever remember yourdomain, you are likely to lose out on their traffic. Choose a domainthat is unique and memorable.

Domain name extensions
With so many options of domain name extensions, which is best foryour business? There is .com, .net, .biz, .org, and many otherextensions to choose from. At the end of the day it really depends onthe individual business. What works for one company might not be thebest option for another company, however, most of the time .com is best. While .net or .org might save money, most users assume .com is the best choice.

Keep it Singular
If is taken, you might think is a good idea. Let me assure you, the plural version of a domain nameis never a good idea. As most domains are singular, your customers aregoing to assume yours is singular as well. When they end up on yourcompetitor’s website, they are going to use them instead of yourbusiness.

Pay Top Dollar
Sometimes you have to pay to get what you want. While you do need tokeep your company’s budget in mind, it is important to remember thatsometimes spending more money for the perfect domain is better thanopting for a less-than desirable domain.

Choosing and purchasing a domain name can be difficult, but it canalso be an exciting adventure for the start of your business. Take careto keep these tips in mind, and you will be on the road to success.

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