10 Super-Low Cost Business Ideas You Can Start Under $1,000

By | 25.09.2016

For the entrepreneurs who are dreaming big but are on a small budget, here are a few low-cost business ideas to inspire that entrepreneurial passion.  You’ve always wanted to start a business. You’re tired of working forsomeone else, and you’d love the flexibility and responsibility ofrunning your own company. 

10 Super-Low Cost Business Ideas You Can Start Under $1,000

Looking on how to start a small business but don’t have much money?
The idea of starting a business can often be put aside because of insufficientstart up funds. Especially in these difficult financial times, a lot ofpeople find it too risky to cope with a big initial investment. Luckilyfor them, I have listed 15 business ideas (with bonus) which do not require an initial financial investment over$1,000.
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Low Cost Business Ideas to Start Under $1,000

Flower Delivery

Fresh flowers are abeautiful addition to any space but people often forget about them intheir busy lives. Offer small local businesses a service, where you come in once a week with fresh flowers for a small fee on top of the flowercost. Spend some time clipping and arranging to make some gorgeousarrangements.

To start, take an inventory of businesses thatmight be interested and visit a second hand store to purchase a few nice vases for each office. Then fill them with flowers from your localgrocery store (it’ll be more affordable than going through a florist)each week and take care of last week’s flowers.


Or you could go a more traditional route and write a novel or other book format and then work with a publishing company tooffer your book or books in physical form. Though some don’t think ofnovelists and other author as small business owners, in fact they arecontracted not hired by publishers and often retain ownership of atleast part of what they produce.

Start A Blog

I know everyone and their brother is starting a blog right now. Youmay be an advanced blog reader or completely unsure of what a blog evenis. Either way, it is really just an online journal that you can startfor under $100. This is not a “make money quick” opportunity but itcould be very good for someone who really has something to say. 

Didsomething happen to you that you feel could really help others to knowabout? Do you have a great niche idea that you think would make a greatblog? If so, you can purchase a domain name, host your site and startblogging most likely all in the same day. 

Making money with this takestime. You need to collect email addresses, create a following and thenyou can begin to sell products on your blog, add affiliate marketing and so on. Of course all of this is work and it won’t happen overnight butit could be something to start while you are employed and work your wayto financial freedom.
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Car Wash & Detailing

Cars take a beating in the summer, with all the camping and beach trips andtime in the sun. Offer a car wash and detailing session for a flat fee.Make a small investment and buy all the supplies you’ll need, includingcar soap, wax, dash polisher, upholstery cleaner, window spray and asmall hand held vacuum. Watch a few tutorials on YouTube to really blow your customers away.

To start the business, visit some local small business offices and offeryour services. You can take care of their car while they’re working andthey’ll come out to a sparkling new ride. You might also be able toscore a whole office worth of car washes!

Lawn & Garden Care

Everybody loves to have a beautifully manicured lawn and well taken care ofgarden, but it takes a lot more work in the summer months than the restof the year and not everyone has the extra time. Simply mowing lawns can keep you pretty busy over the summer, but you can further your business by offering weed pulling, bulb planting and hedge sheering.

Print flyers, tell your friends and family and gather tools to start thebusiness. To avoid buying supplies like a lawn mower, ask a familymember or friend to borrow theirs for the season in exchange for freelawn care. You can read more here about how to start a lawn care business.
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Crafty hands

If you are someone who loves creating things – jewellery, apparel,desserts, paintings – anything at all, then it might be a good idea tochannel this passion into a business. You will need to set realistictargets at first, but once the notion catches on, you might findyourself growing well beyond your wildest dreams. Since you are alreadypursuing your interest, there is not much of an investment to be made.Finding buyers is what you will need to focus on.

Become A Power Washer

This is a business that requires a bit more capital, but it is stillaffordable compared to most other businesses. You can even rent yourequipment in the beginning to help you get started. Every shoppingcenter, apartment building and commercial business (even someresidential) can use a good power washer. Make up some flyers and go out and meet the property managers in person. Don’t be afraid to offer adiscount the first time or something to get you in the door. Once there, do a great job and you will surely earn their business. What’s more,ask if they own or manage other properties you could clean or know ofsomeone else who could use your service. That is the best way to get inthe door – through a recommendation or personal referral

Pet services

On that note, why not start a business thatencompasses all of the smaller details of pet ownership, such as takingpets to grooming or vet appointments, dog walking, pet sitting, and soon?
Mix and match services depending on what works for you; youcould easily start a business involving full-service pet help, including walks, trips to the groomer, sitting during the day, and so on.

Soothe bridal worries

The wedding business is booming like never before, and there is no time like now to get your foot in the door. Wedding consultants are in high demand not just in the major cities and towns.If you have a sunny disposition and a great sense of humour, then youare likely to make it in this field even without any financial backing.The ability to think on your feet and the determination to fix thingswhen they go awry are what matter most in this business.

Language teaching and practice

If you speak more than onelanguage, you have a golden opportunity to start a business teaching alanguage, or holding language conversation practice sessions.
In addition to the resources above, check out this article by Tammy Bjelland, who started a language teaching and consulting business. If you’re wondering where to list your tutoring services, there are plenty of options beyond basic Craigslist.

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Bonus Five Low Cost Business Ideas to Start Under $1,000 or Maybe No Cost Business

App Developer

Mobile apps continue togain popularity. So if you can develop those apps, you can create yourown and sell it or even offer your services to other businesses.

Niche Blogger

Blogging gives you the opportunity to shareyour thoughts and expertise in writing without requiring you to evenleave your couch.

Online Ad Creator

Or you could niche down even more and focus specifically on creating ads for different businesses.

Online Editor

If you have strong communication skills butprefer working remotely and communicating mainly online, you can offeryour services as an editor for bloggers or online publications.

eBook Author

If you have an idea for a book, you can write and self-publish your own titles on platforms like Amazon.

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