10 Tips on How to Get Motivated as an Entrepreneur

By | 03.09.2016
Entrepreneurs need motivation by the bucketful, but some days it’s easier to stir up than others. An entrepreneurs work is never done. If you are anything like me,you have a list a mile long of things that you want, need, and intend to do in your personal life and for your business. These things keeppiling up over time waiting for when you are less busy, less tired, have more money, and so forth.
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10 Tips on How to Get Motivated as an Entrepreneur

We often put off doing the very things weknow will make us happier, healthier and more in tune with ourselves.Entrepreneurs in particular seem to have ongoing issues withaccomplishing tasks that will grow their businesses more quickly.

If you’re tired of putting off the things you want to accomplishthat will make you happier and healthier, the following 10 ideas canhelp you get motivated and make the changes you want in your life.

  1. Act as if something is already true. For example, is your goal to get healthier? Then each day, pop out of bed, immediately get dressedin your workout clothes and head out for some form of exercise. Thistrick puts you in the right mindset and gives you a mental boost. Ifyour goal is to build your list, do one small thing every single day toget you closer to having a list the size that you are working towards. (also read:
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  2. Visualize. Use images to focus on what succeeding at your goallooks like. Images are often how the brain remembers things and it works better than words. Use pictures of motivating quotes and pictures ofthe end result that you’re trying to accomplish. I like to visualizepeople opening my emails and reading my blog posts in anticipation ofwhat I have to share with them.
  3. If weight loss or improved health is your goal, take a beforepicture of yourself. Looking at this image often can keep you movingforward. Put the image on your screensaver as a reminder of why you want to change.
  4. Use post-it notes everywhere to remind you of your mission andgoals. Use them to stay motivated about why you are doing something. Ofcourse, you can apply this concept electronically by including amotivational quote in your email or social media signature. Use thissame concept to stay motivated by recording your recent accomplishments.
  5. Make a “me” list of the three new behaviors, traits or qualitiesyou like about yourself every day. It has to be new; don’t repeatanything previously written down. The purpose of doing this is to forceyour mind into the habit of finding the positive. My new behaviors haveincluded using PLR (private label rights) as a source of new content,finding new sites where I can publish this content, and asking mycurrent readers to share what I am doing with their own circles ofinfluence.
  6. Get an accountability partner. This works especially well if youlike to please others more than yourself. Think about it. How manypromises have you made to yourself, then just as quickly broken them?Now how many have you made to someone else and kept them? Having amentor to guide you and keep on your case is an effective way to keepmotivated.
  7. Create a list of motivations. Write down people, places andemotions that you experience and encounter that have a positive effecton you. This can keep you motivated by extending the positive feelingyou get when surrounded by these people and things, making you want tokeep going. (also read: 3 Creative Exercises To Motivate Your Team)
  8. Create a list of defined, specific goals. Motivation needs atarget. It’s hard to get motivated with vague, undefined goals (loseweight). Break them down into smaller goals that you can take bites outof regularly, like walk 2 miles a day or write a new blog post once aweek.
  9. Organize your goal by what’s most important to you. Which goalswould you be motivated the most to accomplish? Are those goalsattainable based on your current available time, financial status andother resources? Focus on the goal that needs to happen first beforemoving to the next level. Sometimes your goals will build off eachother.
  10. Focus on improving only one or two areas at a time to prevent you from feeling overwhelmed. Overwhelm can quickly squash your motivation. Being overwhelmed can tempt you to abandon your goals because they seem too far out of reach. Make a list of actionable steps to take towardyour goal by creating a to-do list of daily tasks or objectives thatneed to be accomplished.

I have found that writing down everything I wish to accomplish isthe best way for me to get motivated for success. What are somestrategies you have developed to help you get motivated?

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