Falling in love is Scientific But Who Falls Faster: Male or Female?

Earlier this post I have written about the mystery of Love-Science and why do we fall in love? Yes, Science can tell you all about romance ...

Earlier this post I have written about the mystery of Love-Science and why do we fall in love? Yes, Science can tell you all about romance and sex. It’s time to solve some of the mysteries of love and romance, and use science to examine everything from why we fall in love with someone special, if we fall then who falls fast? Its a big question like "Which Came First? Eggs Before Chickens" Here the big question is, "who fall in love first, male or female?"

Falling in love is Scientific But Who Falls Faster: Male or Female?
The findings beg the question, “Does the heart fall in love, or the brain?” That’s a tricky question always. I would say the brain, but the heart is also related because the complex concept of love is formed by both bottom-up and top-down processes from the brain to the heart and vice versa. For instance, activation in some parts of the brain can generate stimulation to the heart, butterflies in the stomach. Some symptoms we sometimes feel as a manifestation of the heart may sometimes be coming from the brain.
The findings beg the question, “Does the heart fall in love, or the brain?”
Falling in love is driven by the desire to reproduce, and researchers say when it comes to finding the right mate, science is providing new clues as to how the brain and the five senses collide to create the perfect storm of love.
"You slowly winnow out those individuals who don't look the part, feel the part, touch the part and you are left with the kind of person who you think is right for you. And at that point, boom!" said Rutgers University anthropology professor Helen Fisher. [Dr. Helen Fisher is a professor of anthropology at Rutgers University.]
There is also "love at first taste and smell." The first kiss can literally serve as a taste test for true love.
"There can be testosterone in men's saliva. The man is sort of slipping a chemical mickey that acts as an aphrodisiac on the woman," Kluger said.
That kiss could potentially determine whether a couple's genes are compatible enough to produce a healthy offspring. 

When you kiss, a cluster of genes called MHC are exchanged in the mouth through saliva. If your genes are too similar there could be problems carrying a baby to term.

The Nose Knows When It Comes to Love

Perhaps the most primal indicator of attraction comes from your nose.
Your partner has to smell right to you. Pheromones, the chemicals that attract the opposite sex, are important, and even the timing of a woman's cycle plays a role.
A deep, confident voice is also attractive to women because it is filled with testosterone. 

One study showed the richer a man's voice, the more children he had.
"Touch is the mother of the senses, a huge amount of the brain becomes activated when you are touched or feel somebody else's touch," Fisher said.
What happens when love goes wrong? Scientists say the birth control pill may cause a woman to pick the wrong mate, because altered hormones mess with nature. When she's on the pill, she likes him. When she's off, he may no longer be Mr. Right.

Who falls faster: the male or the female?

Indeed, men tend to fall in love faster than women do, probably because their brain circuitry for romantic love is more quickly triggered by visual cues. But any of us can walk into a crowded room, talk for only minutes with a someone new, and either feel that “chemistry” — or “know” there could be chemistry down the road.
"Why Men Are More Likely To Fall In Love Harder And Faster"
But is this attraction love or lust? Actually, these feelings involve very different brain networks. You can have physical intimacy with someone you are not “in love” with, and you can be passionately in love with someone you have never kissed. But these brain circuits can trigger one another, leaving you wondering for a moment if your attraction is purely physical.

Can immediate attraction last?

You will know if your passion is love or lust with your answer to just one simple question: “What percentage of the day and night do you think about him or her?” Romantic love is an obsession. It can happen in a moment, but when it strikes, you can’t get your new beloved off your mind. And this instant passion can last — sometimes for many years.

“The loving are the daring,” wrote poet Bayard Taylor. We are all daring; we can’t help ourselves. Millions of years ago humanity evolved three powerful brain systems for courtship and reproduction: the libido, romantic attraction, and feelings of deep attachment. The libido evolved to drive us to reproduce with a range of partners, but romantic love evolved to enable us to focus our energy on just one, The One. This passion is intricately orchestrated, at least in part, by the activity of a powerful chemical, dopamine. And this potent brain circuit lies dormant in each of us, sleeping like a cat with one eye open, waiting for the right moment to erupt. 

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Indeed, feelings of intense romantic passion can awaken the first moment you see someone who fits within your mental concept of the perfect partner — love at first sight. 

What can science tell you about sex and love? Can it tell you if your partner will cheat on you?

Some Quick Notes on Science behind Love

  • Love isn’t blind – but once you’re hooked, your vision gets cloudy. Dr. Lucy Brown is an expert on the brain’s response to love. She says when you look at someone you love, chemicals dull the part of your brain connected to negativity and critical judgment. So, you’re aware of their flaws, but your brain says it’s okay to ignore them. When you fall out of love, those flaws become glaringly obvious.
  • so can love be addictive? Yes. People who have recently fallen in love have strong activity in the area of the brain associated with addictive behavior, similar to what happens to gamblers and drug addicts. Studies also show that when people fall in love, their levels of feel-good serotonin drop 40%, which makes you crave togetherness, and adds a dash of obsessive–compulsive disorder – which is why you can’t seem to stop thinking about your new love. 
  • what causes people to cheat? Experts say that three different parts of the brain deal with attraction, attachment, and romantic love, which makes it possible to be attracted to one person, but want to spend your life with another.
This is not the end of this The Mystery of Science behind romance, this is just the beginning, and we will continuously discuss about this to break the puzzle with the help of our audience. 
Now please have your say in the comment box, its very appreciated. 

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