How to Be Happy by Following These 5 Steps

By | 06.09.2016

Often times we spend so much time living in our minds that we forgetthat the only thing we posses it’s the now. We let fears, dreams, andfailures rule our present lives.

Through my years, I have let fear rule most of my life.

How to Be Happy by Following These 5 Steps

Thankfully my life got so bad at one point that the only way out wasup. Even when I was climbing out of the hole, there was regret trying to push me down, and future weighing me down by showing me how much Istill needed to climb.

I managed to get better, little by little. And now I can tell you my secrets on how to be happy.

1. You can be happy right now.

This is the number one secret of happiness. You don’t need to paymoney, you don’t need to become famous, win the lottery, be loved orsuccessful in any way. You can be happy right in this instance.

Life will be much easier once you have realised that everything youneed to be happy is and always will be right at your finger tips. Thisparadigm shift will improve your life by helping you focus in what’sinside and not the external factors that a lot of people get caught up.

2. Don’t dwell in your past failures.

In order to climb the mountains of peace and happiness, you muststart by accepting your life the way it is. Surrender to life. Whateverhappened was supposed to happen. Nothing could have been different.

It’s normal to get a lot of thoughts of the past. The mind does thisto preserve the ego, but if you fuel this ego it will only grow biggerand consume your essence. Don’t let that happen and remind yourself that life just is.
A special technique I use to stop my mind from thinking about my past is by stopping whatever I’m doing, close my eyes and say things thatare happening right now. Like – “I’m here, standing in my room,breathing deeply,” I do this to focus my mind in the sensations andsounds around me. If you still feel anxious just keep narrating morethings that are happening in the moment and breath. Deeply. Do this for a minute or so and you’ll feel the powerful effects of the presentmoment.

3. Stop complaining.

This is the first step to changing anything in your life. When youshift your focus from the externals and you focus it on the internals,change happens. Because you focus in what you can control and don’t even bother with what you can’t. This is the pinnacle of a happier life.
Meditation will really help you with this. When you meditate youronly job is to observer the body and mind without interfering. Youobserve your thoughts, your emotions, your breathing, and bodysensations but you don’t dwell on them. You don’t attach any emotions to them. Just observe life as it is.

4. Stop neglecting your body and mind.

What will happened if you were to pour water in a container that has a broken end? You’ll notice that it might fill up if you pour a lot ofwater at once but once the flow stops it will start depleting fast. This is obvious, but how many people try to pour happiness into their life’s only to find out that they too have a broken shell where happinessescapes.

Your body and mind are the most valuable things you possess and youshould take care of them. Don’t neglect your body from healthy foods,clean water, sleep, exercise and do not neglect your mind from positivethinking, meditation and books. If you don’t fuel them you’ll eventually be running on fumes.

5. Stop comparing yourself to others.

When you compare yourself to others you are giving away your power.All of it. You start focusing in things you can’t control. Thus makingyour circle of control even smaller. You literally step away from thedriver seat and let others drive you around to whatever destination they decide.

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