3 Surefire Ways to Become More Productive in Your Life

By | 23.09.2016

How to Become More Productive in Your Life?

Steve jobsfascinated the world with his innovative ideas where he reached fromnowhere to somewhere. His forward thinking and productive practicalsteps saved the apple company from bankruptcy. He is considered as oneof the most productive men in the 21stcentury. He adored millions of people by becoming indifferent, and evenafter his premature death his deeds won’t fade away where many peopleconsider him as their role model.

3 Surefire Ways to Become More Productive in Your Life
Certainly,the world’s most respected people have different character traits thanthe ordinary people. The difference between the successful people andthe most successful people is that they are more productive in theirlife.

Success in most of the areas is directly related to the productivity of the actions done. To become productive, such peoplehave implemented ingenious procedures and skills to yield the maximumresults from the minimum investment – i.e., a short period of time where such qualities aptly suit with the time and circumstances.
Everyone is productive enough, close your eyes and feel your inner power to become more productive Tweet

Not onlySteve Jobs, all of the most successful people in every field have thesame rules in life, even if they differ in characteristics according totheir field.

The mostsuccessful people have 24 hours a day so as for the successful peopleand the ordinary people but, they had contributed more than the others.It is how they effectively manage the time. The most common advice areto look for the difference what made them most successful. Develop those skills. Yet, everyone couldn’t become successful with that advice.Something is missing for them to acquire such skills; indeed thoseskills are capable of leading a successful life.

The fact isthat anyone can develop such skills; it is the negative belief thatstops one from achieving it. The scientific research showed that one can trigger the neuroplasticity where developing new skills is associatedwith the new neural connections.

If onedoesn’t have much control over their mind, then it is not easy todevelop such skills. One’s activities solely depend on upon thesubconscious mind. However, the subconscious mind can be influenced bythe conscious activities.

One has toknow that the productivity is not depending on upon a single factor buton various factors. Here, I have considered productivity in life aswhole not restricting in particular activities. Below, I have mentionedthe three main causes that can greatly influence the productivity.

1. Doing the Right Thing

Doing theright thing at the right time is the secret of productivity. To do thisone has to acquire the necessary knowledge and experiences. Mostsuccessful people have gained the experiences by learning from othersexperiences.

A person with success mentality has the big picture of their deeds and theirdecisions have less possibility to flop. Optimism and positive outlookof life favor their decisions. The studies showed that when one is happy and optimistic his unconscious or conscious level actions arepositively oriented towards his goal.

Everyactivity has its own unique way of procedures and doing it as requiredindeed results in its success. For example, if one is doing yoga – asana or other yogic practices, it has to be done in proper way, or else itbecomes less effective or, if done wrongly it’s a waste of time.

Similarly, in the case of the crop cultivation where one has to manure it at theappropriate time, remove the weeds, and water it properly. Or else theproductivity will become less or if not done according to its standards, then, it will result in complete failure of crops.

In certaincircumstances, if we had done the job as per requirement still there is a possibility of the activities to become less productive. This is wherewe have less control over the situation and we consider it as the luckprinciple. This luck factor depends on upon the probability of events.In the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’ I have mentioned how to alter the probability to favor the luck factorin a number of activities. And, in rest of the deeds, we do not havemuch control over them such as like natural calamities, externalconditions, etc.

2. Effective Decision Making Skill

Peer pressure is inevitable in one’s all activities. One’s actions depend on uponsubconscious level interactions. People will also influence our mindnegatively or positively to a certain extent in the conscious andunconscious level. If affects negatively it can shake one’s faith in the activities.

Everyone hastheir own passions in their life where indulging in it is the way tohappiness and to become productive at work. This productivity depends on upon becoming efficient at work.

To yieldbetter results at work one should have a balanced life such as goodfood, proper sleep, etc. The research showed that working overtime willadversely affect our performance and results in less productivity.Moreover, it depends on the quality of work rather than quantity.

Once, I wasin a day job. More of seventy percentage of my time was dedicated totheir company. I thought of developing a website and invested a littletime and money in that. It was a total failure at the beginning; I wasgetting more pressures from outside to leave it.

But writingwas one of my passions developed in the initial days of the websitewhich boosted me further to have a better hope in it.

I realizedthat doing things rightly will pay off the result. I researched few ofthe viral blog posts on the internet and came up with the necessarystrategies that make the content viral. I implement such strategies infew of my recent contents and I could find that the contents went viralreaching over 60 K views each in lesser time.

3. Stop Procrastinating

Procrastination is the result of many related psychological problems. Mostly, lazinesscomes first in most of the people. Such people look for pleasurablemoments presently by not considering the risky life in the future.

Due to lackof motivation in particular activities is resulted with the wasting oftime unnecessarily. Hence, we have to motivate our mind more oftenwhenever it slows down due to the external circumstances. 
There are many ways to stop procrastination depending upon the cause where the serious people don’t fail to take the decision how to not procrastinate intheir deeds.

In the book ‘Crack the Hidden Laws of Life’ I said about having an effective time management skills prevent onefrom the unnecessary stress where each success step provides themotivation for the next and to become more productive in life.
Editors Note: Everyone is productive enough, close your eyes and feel your inner power to become more productive. 
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