Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas To Startup in 2016-17

Make sure you are making the best business plan for next year to kick-off. Are you ready to take the path of entrepreneurship? Now is the ...

Make sure you are making the best business plan for next year to kick-off.
Are you ready to take the path of entrepreneurship? Now is the time to show your spirit of innovation and novelty. Thanks to social media, public funding alternatives for credit and continuous improvement of technology, 2016 is a good year to start your own business.

Top 10 Low Cost Business Ideas To Startup in 2016-17
Not sure where to start? Here's an interesting list of top 10 business ideas. From business service to owner of a beauty salon, this year seems to be full of surprising profitable business ideas.
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1. Business services

Many companies drastically reduced their staff during the last recession and a large proportion of them remained with the inability to recruit and train staff again. Instead, most of them outsource their business units from third companies. This creates a good opportunity for anyone who can provide an excellent marketing, HR, health management or any other type of service business.  

2. Business testers

APP-s and dynamic websites tailored for smartphones and tablets have become a necessity for everyday business. Often, however, they do not work the way people expect. The reason is that companies do not always put enough effort into it to test innovations and precisely here comes the role of the testing service as a new niche in the world of business services.

It is important to note that this type of entrepreneurship is very suitable for small businesses. According to research by Michigan State University Broad College of Business "business to business" services are highly specialized and are not dominated by the big players in the market.

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3. Healthy vending machines

A healthy lifestyle is becoming more desirable and important in today's busy schedules. And as mentioned fast - why instead of chips, croissants, pretzels and car do not find healthy sandwiches, salads or fruits in the nearest vending machine.

This is a new form of franchise with a large playing field. Inform yourself well and sell healthy products in an alternative way!

4. Traveling beauty salons

Imagine - a traveling salon .. A place - right next to you!

It sounds so comfortable and undoubtedly the mobile business became a huge hit for 2016. From ballroom style to a simple cut through the nail, shaving or makeup - all at your fingertips.

For ladies and gentlemen with a special interest in this type of business, innovation its wheels would be a profitable start.

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5. Mobile Consulting

According to Jamie Turner, founder of The 60-Second Marketer, this year and next her there will be a continuing need for assistance in consultation with mobile solutions. Their study shows that "there are more people on the planet who own a mobile device than those who have a toothbrush." ​​In his book "Go Mobile" noting that "it is safe to talk about absolute priority the use of mobile applications and solutions in this regard. If you're in business, it's your job to be where your customers are. They currently hold the smartphone in hand. ''
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6. Translation services

The increasingly international business environment necessitates excellent translations.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics' Occupational Outlook Handbook), hiring licensed translators will grow to 46% by 2022 - much faster than the average for any other regulated profession. This is a great opportunity for business entrepreneurs make the business environment to people fluent in foreign languages.

7. Monitoring of employees

The staff are extremely mobile. In fact, according to Forecast International Data Corp, is expected commuters working to grow to nearly 105.4 million. Globally by 2020 So you think, how they are expected to be tracked how their job?

There are a wide variety of technological developments of applications based around online time of such employees. Unfortunately, many companies do not have the resources to manage the foreign time and in this aspect to filter out what is important and what could optimize the work of mobile employees.

A company that could contribute to a better monitoring in this direction is innovation in HR-and undoubtedly assessed properly as start new business.

8. Mobile apps for kids

Children are our future customers to earn their loyalty's not a bad idea.

The study examines the commitment of today's children with mobile devices, tablets, computers and laptops. According to Common Sense Media is not at all surprising that nearly ¾ of today's youth use some form of online communication and virtual entertainment through smartphones. This speaks of an excellent opportunity to provide a product that would give children new, interesting and useful in their children's life so diverse. We should not forget the profit of parent interest. The better the child, the more appreciated by mom and dad!

9. Software training

If you have professional orientation and interest in software development you might consider transmitting these specialized knowledge to equally interested and motivated people seeking the necessary training.

Think of small workshops, presentations, technical manuals with specific focus, step by step explanations and organization of events for the latest contemporary trends in the rapidly evolving IT environment. The most pleasant part of the commencement of such activity is that it can be done part-time and in such a friendly audience.

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10. For recycling and old equipment

Most households have some form of organization of their waste. But rarely think of us now unnecessary peripherals, old TVs, phone rotary grandmother and toaster that burned down a year ago.

That is a good start of business - collection of electronic and technological waste and transportation to the nearest waste collection point for this purpose - for a fee of course. Charging can be depending on the device, the weight specification and its way of recycling. Do not forget about transportation costs to and from the designated destination.

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Bonus Business idea to startup in 2017

Let's see what's in the box?

From cosmetics, toys to food, tools and artworks - Box services appear at your door every month. One of the main reasons why the idea is extremely profitable is the element of surprise in full compliance with the interests and personal preferences of each customer subscription.

Find a unique product or service or an untapped subscription existing ones and you have a real opportunity to keep the golden apple in her hands. Business concept is simple, and thinking outside the box (thinking outside the box) helps the most profitable for its content!

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